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Project Rainforest SE
by SA547 for NexusMods
2:26 PM 12/11/2018



* The only changes made by the mod to the game are largely the following: landscape, flora, water, some structures and clutter (mainly to eliminate the snow shader)


* Tundra ambient sounds have been transplanted to areas previously used for snowy and/or windy climate.
* Other climate mods such as Vivid and CoT may have to be patched accordingly.

COMPATIBILITY - This mod is best used with Mod Organizer and xEdit to better diagnose and resolve conflicts.

* Overall texture packs (i.e. Noble Skyrim, Skyrim HD) may or may NOT be compatible with this mod, especially those adding snow, ice, or both for landscapes; load such packs before or after Project Rainforest.
* Texture packs for buildings, structures, armor, weapons, clutter, furniture, NPC and creature overhauls can be loaded after this mod
* Some texture packs for landscapes, glaciers, snow, and ice NOT compatible unless specifically made for this mod.
* Better Dynamic Snow not compatible with this mod because it mainly reverts back the snow shader effect
* ELFX Exteriors may revert some previously snow-free buildings (i.e. farmhouses, Windhelm and Winterhold structures) to having a frosted shader effect aka that mossy look.
* ELE/ELE Lite is compatible.
* Cloud texture packs are compatible.
* Snow, ice, and glacier effect mods may or may NOT be compatible with this mod, especially as this mod tries to eliminate the ice/snow effect.
* Skyrim Particle Patch is compatible.
* Some water mods like WATER, RWT, or Pure Waters may or may not affect the mod, they should be loaded after this mod; RWT wet rock effects affect the overall look due to modified meshes and added cubemap.
* Flora mods such as Skyrim Flora Overhaul, Bigger Trees, Enhanced Vanilla Trees, and others like it are NOT compatible with this mod unless patched for compatibility. However, the stand-alone big tree option mod that comes with SFO is perfectly compatible.
* Plant mods are highly compatible.
* Paradise City for Skyrim is compatible with summer version.
* Some grass mods like Verdant, Veydosebrom may NOT be compatible with this mod unless designed for this mod or as summer version.
* Weather overhauls like CoT, NVT, Vivid, Obsidian, Dolomite, as well as Sounds of Skyrim, True Storms, and Wonders of Weather must have a compatiblity patch (Dolomite and True Storms patches comes with this mod)
* Creature mods are highly compatible; this mod preserves all creatures' respective appearances for the sake of full compatibility.
* RS Children or other kid overhaul mods require a patch to override the default dress used by that Skaal girl (RS Children patch comes with this mod).
* NPC overhaul mods, especially those that modify the Skaal NPCs, require a compatibility patch so that the Skaal can use clothing and armor other than the Skaal coats.
* Until there's a compatibility patch made, Wet and Cold settings must be set to *default* or *summer* and according to screenshots; disable all snow-weather visuals but retain clothing/equipment usage. WnC works primarily by checking the surrounding trees if they're snow or not.
* Mods with other worldspaces such as Wyrmstooth, Falskaar, Beyond Skyrim: Bruma may or may not be affected with this mod due to changes in aforementioned objects and terrain; regenerating the LOD through xLODGEN may be necessary to reflect changes.
* Not tested yet with DynDOLOD; should work provided one must use Texgen to create LOD texture pieces for DynDOLOD.
* Not tested yet with Frostfall; may use only hypothermia effects.

* Creation Kit (resave only)
* xEdit
* xLODGen
* Adobe Photoshop PS6
* Nifskope 2.0+
* Outfit Studio for Bodyslide
* TreeLOD.exe Billboard Texture Generator
* NIF Optimizer


* Stroti & Tamira via MannyGT - Tropical Plants/New Plants 1.3
* Elinen & zTree - Hoddminir Trees/Flowers/Grass/Ground Textures
* LorSakyamuni - TW3 Landscape Resource
* Ga-Knomboe Boy's GKB - Tree Resource Pack
* Vurt - Skyrim Flora Overhaul (some texture resources)
* muppetpuppet - Moonpaths to Elsweyr Resources
* zilav, sheson, et. al. - xLODGEN/DynDOLOD


* This mod can only be uploaded by anyone to the following sites other than Nexus: TES Alliance, AFKMods, DarkCreations, LoversLab.
* Some assets are from third-party authors whose free assets are strictly for NOT-FOR-PROFIT use, so this mod cannot be monetized whatsoever or for any commercial exploitation.
* Patches, bugfixes, updates, add-ons, third-party retextures, and the like are allowed freely for further improvement and stabilization of this mod as long as due credit is given.