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Just changes the default player character at start of the game to female to avoid the wait when playing a heavily modded game.

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It's a simple mod that makes that default Nord dude in the character creation menu at the start of a game into a female instead of a dude.

This is, basically, just to help those who have heavily modded games and have to wait up to a minute or so for the character to switch to female. It's just a time saver and a frustration avoider if you always play a female character and get annoyed by the wait.

There are two versions.
Version 1 is simply the vanilla starter Player character being female when you enter the character creation menu.

Version 2
is the same as version one except you will only have racially applied starting spells (like summon familiar for Bretons). You won't have flames and healing as default on every character. If you "coc" to a cell from the console you'll also be naked, I removed the default gear from the Player record. This doesn't affect the vanilla start or any alternate start mods, they equip you with gear using scripts, usually. If they don't, you'll be nekkid. But, at least Alternate Start Live
Another Life, does as does the vanilla start.

Thanks to checking by Nexus user bladestuckin it has been shown that using this on an existing save may have far to "interesting" results.
You have been warned.
Don't do it.
Unless your name is Randall and you work in a convenience store in New Jersey.
And have a best friend named "Dante".
(or you just want to laugh)
But if you do, download the "Big Head" mod by Triptherift first.
Trust me.
Unless you have a heart condition.
then don't trust me.
Seriously, it could be dangerous.

There are now versions flagged as esl's so they don't count against your load orders.
****Nexus Mod Manager doesn't like ESL's. Use Vortex or Mod Organizer 2 or download the non-esl flagged versions***

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Click here if you want to come over and ask me stuff or just hang out.

Well, didn't expect this. I guess that was a good five minutes spent.