Skyrim Special Edition

About this mod

A photorealistic cold reshade preset meant to be used with a Custom Rudy enb , Climates of tamriel and Enhanced lights and FX

Permissions and credits
A reshade preset i made to be used with a Custom Rudy file found here and on the 50 Shades of Rudy nexus page. Note that you also need COT and ELFX (i'm using ELFX enhancer in the pictures but you can disable it if you don't like the dark interiors) You can try to use this with another enb or no enb at all if you wish, just don't complain if it doesn't look the same. 
 Update: got permissions from rudy102 and Zeratem to upload Rudy enb files along with my mod
1. Download and install Reshade (should be fairly easy since it's an installer) 
2.Download my Photorealistic Cold Rudy files and put everything in your SkyrimSE root folder (the one with SkyrimSE.exe) If it asks to overwrite anything (should ask to overwrite the reshade-shaders) select yes to all. 
3. Download enbseries found here and put the d3d11.dll and decompiler_46e.dll in your SkyrimSE root folder. 
4. Start the game and open the reshade menu (press Shift+f2)
 Press the downward pointing arrow in the home section of the menu and select photorealistic Cold. Should load my reshade preset if you've done everything correctly. Done
If you have any questions, be sure ask them in the comments 
You may not distribute or upload this to any site, Without asking for permission first. 
Boris Vorontsov 
Marty McFly