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In short, this mod makes melee combat faster all around. I took every vanilla melee weapon and increased it's swing speed by .2 seconds.

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After playing several other RPGs, the speed of Skyrim's combat has started to feel a bit... slow to me. I really noticed this in my most recent batch coming back to it. I thought I would come up with a couple mods to help speed it up and make it feel more fluid. So, what I did is increase the swing speed of every single vanilla (and DLC) melee weapon by .2 seconds. So, most swords have a swing speed of 1.0, meaning they would swing 1 time per second. I increased that speed to 1.2, meaning that by the time you reached 5 seconds, you would have made 6 swings. Daggers also went from 1.3 to 1.5, war axes from 0.9 to 1.1, etc. I even went in and edited all of the daedric weapons, and the special unique weapons, like the Longhammer. When you combine this with a combat mod like Smilodon or something like that, then the combat can feel a lot more interesting (in my opinion). 

In the video i've attached, I am using Smilodon and Mortal Enemies, but feel free to test other mods, or none at all, to your tastes.