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Adds a delay to a new arrow being placed into your hand after firing one off in Skyrim VR.

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In Skyrim VR you can fire off arrows as quickly as you can physically pull back your arm, as a new arrow is instantly spawned into your hand the moment one is released, making bows and arrows very OP and unrealistic. It almost makes using any other weapons useless, especially, the crossbow which still requires a reload animation to play before it can fire off another shot.

This mod changes that by simply adding a delay to when a new arrow is placed into your hand after one is released. The delay is calculated based on your characters archery skill and perks.

How this works

After you release an arrow it is scripted to force you to unequipped any arrows for a period of time after which your arrows will automatically be equipped again allowing you to fire the next one. You will not see a new arrow appear in your hand the moment you release one. And if you try to manually equip your arrows back before the delay has passed they will immediately be unequipped again.

The length of the delay is based on your characters archery skill and whether or not you have the Quick Shot perk. By default it is a 2 second delay at an archery skill of 0 which is about how long it would take to do a full draw in non-vr Skyrim. If your archery is 100 it will be a 1 second delay. And with the Quick Shot perk, which did nothing for bows in Skyrim VR, the delay is reduced by 30% making 0.7 the shortest delay.


Use a mod manager of your choice, such as Vortex, or just drag and drop the esp and scripts folder into your SkyrimVR data folder.