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This mod greatly improves the visuals for fire salts, frost salts, and glow dust.

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This is an SSE Conversion of FireyFireSalts, FrostyFrostSalts, and GlowingGlowDust by bl3azy.  Permission for porting was given by the original mod author (please see screenshot in Images).
Links to the original mods: ImprovedFireyFireSalts, ImprovedFrostyFrostSalts, and ImprovedGlowingGlowdust.

Please disregard any installation instructions below and instead install with your favorite module manager.

------------------------------ FireyFireSalts ------------------------------

From the same guy who made improved glowy glow dust comes......
IMPROVED FIERY FIRE SALTS. I think this was kind of requested...... kinda, so i was kind enough to go ahead and make this wonderful mod! NOW FINALLY a mod that makes fire salts look like it was spilled from the guts of a fire atronatch firey enough to light your favorite brand of cigarette, and probably used as a condiment fit for a daedric prince, FIRESALTS looks almost pretty to look at. (sue me for my spelling.)


Now.... how to install.....

1. you already probably know how to install mods, so really this should be the only step you read.
2. If you have trouble installing, try uninstalling skyrim and purchase the console version of your choice.
3. Once installed, "fire" up Skyrim and franticly look for some firesalts.
4. If in inventory, drop, and spend the next 15 minutes trying to set it right side up, realizing how difficult it REALLY IS!
5. Ogle at its nifty flame effect as if it were the first time you saw fire.
6. Come back to my mod page and endorse!
7. Well, I couldn't think of a good 7th step.... so there you have it!


------------------------------ FrostyFrostSalts ------------------------------

So, continuing on my onslaught of butchering ingredients that we all come to love (or hate), FROST SALTS..... No longer does it have to look like a slightly blue, dirty snow cone, with my mod, frost salts now look colder then a polar bears testicle.... or more like your ex girlfriends heart...... I'd like to think I've "captured" it's "essence" so there you have it! Let me know what you think. :)


Currently...... I have no idea. Something about a data folder and some ESB... or is it ESP? Ooh heck, I dunno!


------------------------------ GlowingGlowDust ------------------------------

You ever noticed that glowdust seemed so lackluster and dull?
Ever wished that there was someone that did something about it?
Well, maybe you didn't think into it that much but here it is,
the most comprehensive mod to ever mod the visuals of glowdust. Ever.
I think? NO other changes have been made besides the visuals which
I think really adds to the lore and immersion.


Installation is quite simple as I'm sure this isn't the first mod you've ever downloaded and installed.

1. Drop the ESP, BSL and BSA files into your Skyrim Data folder.
2. Activate ImprovedGlowingGlowdust.esp in the Skyrim Launcher.
3. Profit.
4. If step 3 fails, RAGE.
5. Come back to my mods page, write a lengthy, well thought out comment of your dissatisfaction.
6. Profit.
7. Endorse or steps 1, 2, 3, and 6 may fail. Step 5 optional.
8. Disregard step 7, I Jest. Except for the Endorsement part.
9. Dark0ne, or those in charge of what mods get front page, feature my lore friendly mod in all its glory.
10. Really.


Bethesda- For releasing tools to modify/butcher the elder scroll series.

Insane0Flex/BDMods - For the videos!