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a small mod i made for my smuggler/dealer character to go along with mods that let you make skooma, adds a few barrels that contain enough moonsugar and skooma to make a very happy cat along with some lockpicks and health potions to help start a new character.

Permissions and credits
placed some barrels near by to a few of the main towns but still fairly hidden, ,also a chance to find some skooma and moonsugar on
the occasional bandit ,
the barrels contain a lot of stuff so could easily be used as an exploit to get rich quick but thats up to you since barrels are all safe storage
and wont re-spawn i wanted to put enough in to last a while, id highly recommend using a mod that lets you make skooma along side this one or just sell
everything in the barrels and use them however you wish. 

Iv placed barrels at riverwood, falkreath, solitude lighthouse, windhelm and on the road near to black briar lodge.