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Improves Skyrim's magic resistance system by adjusting the player's magic and elemental resistance, so that each point of resistance is equally useful.

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New in 1.1.0:
  • Now applies to Elemental Resistances as well
  • Configurable in the Mod Configuration Menu
  • Alternate exponential formula

When updating to 1.1.0 make sure that the perk is not on your character. For more information read the Update section.

The Classic version can be found here: Classic Version


Skyrim uses a linear damage reduction formula for magic damage. This means that magic resistance becomes increasingly powerful the more resistance you already have. Once you get to a certain amount of magic resistance you hardly take any magic damage even on legendary difficulty.

This mod rescales the magic and elemental resistances of the player, so that each point of resistance is equally useful. The original resistance, which is the resistance you would have in vanilla, is used in a formula to calculate the rescaled resistance, which will be the player's resistance.


  • Customizable resistance formula
  • No more resistance cap
  • Compatible with mods adding or changing magic resistance effects

Used Formulas:

Hyperbolic (Default):
Each point of resistance increases your effective health multiplier by a certain amount. If you already have a very high effective health multiplier (because you already have resistances), increasing it further might not be as noticeable. Just like increasing health by 10 might not be noticeable if you already have 500 health.

Each point of resistance increases your effective health multiplier by a certain percentage. You will generally have a bit less resistance in the early game compared to hyperbolic, but noticeably more in the late game.

Take a look at the images to see how these formulas affect effective health and damage reduction.


(optional download) Magic Only:
Does not affect elemental resistances.

(optional download) Exponential:
Uses an exponential formula.

(MCM) Resistance Cap:
The resistance cap is the maximum resistance your character can use, even if the actual values can be higher.
The vanilla cap is 85%. The purpose of the cap is to prevent you from being immune or taking bearly any damage from magic damage or a certain element. With the new formulas you can now longer reach 100% reduction, so the cap is no longer necessary.

(MCM) Magic & Elemental Factor:
This is the setting to configure the formula in the MCM. It defines your effective health multiplier at 85% reduction.
In vanilla 85% is the cap and you only take 15% damage. This would lead to an effective health multiplier of 1/(0.15) = 6.67.
If you set this setting to 6.67 you would have the same reduction at 85% original resistance. Lower values mean you take more damage and higher values make you take less damage.
You can view how this setting affects your resistance in the menu to find the value that suits you the best.

Recommended Mod:

Armor Rating Redux SE improves the armor rating formula.


Should be compatible with everything, that doesn't do the same as this mod.
Load order doesn't matter.


This mod is based on a passive magic effect attached to the player. Changing this effect while it is active on the player can lead to undefined behaviour. To make sure everything works fine, you should remove the perk before updating.
In the old version you have to use the console to find out the perk id and remove it:
help JMRPerk
player.removeperk xxxxx801

From 1.1.0 on you can deactivate the mod in the MCM.

Before you add/remove the Magic Only optional download, you should also dactivate the mod in the MCM.


Before uninstalling you should reset your player's magic resistance to the vanilla value by deactivating the mod in the MCM. The resistance cap will reset to default once you start the game without this plugin loaded.