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This mod, originally created for normal Skyrim, has been "ported" to SE with full permission by exray catt! No more generic potion and poison bottles! Enhance your Skyrim Experience with over 100 new textures for potions and poisons. Each texture has been specifically designed from scratch for each specific bottle and size of potion or poison.

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This mod adds over 150 new textures, each 1K in resolution, and each specific to the potion or poison bottle it's assigned to. I tried very hard to keep it lore-friendly. You will see each potion or poison bottle is different not just in color but in bottle pattern, label, and adornments. Bottles have their own designs or labels now that reflect what the potion/poison actually does. Many bottles even have labels that reflect some of the ingredients that go into making that specific potion. The .esp that comes with the mod is only there for the skill potions, so now instead of each skill potion looking the same boring yellow color, each type of skill potion now has a unique bottle.

Many bottles have a glowing effect and will be visible much more easily in dark areas, but this was mainly done to enhance the aesthetic appearance and bring out the color and design. 

To view full history of this mod look at the description here:

Again, all credit to exray catt, the original creator of the mod.