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Removes hooded outfits, adds separate hoods, and more.

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Check sticky post for info on any updates.

= Main File =
Separate Hoods and More

- All hooded robes/outfits in the world have been replaced with their non-hooded versions, with the exception of the one set of Hooded Thalmor Robes in the Thalmor Embassy used to disguise oneself during the related quest.

- All hooded robes in leveled lists have been removed.

- All outfit records that included a hooded robe (ie MonkOutfit) now include a separate hood and robe.

- These separate common hoods have been added: Monk, Brown, Grey, Red, Green, Black, and Blue.  These can all be found at Radiant Raiment along with their respective robes.

- Playable but previously unavailable College-style hoods and robes have been made available at Radiant Raiment.

- A separate Necromancer Hood and the standard Necromancer Robes can also be found at Radiant Raiment.  The hood is unenchanted and the enchantment on the standard robes has been removed.  Hoods should spawn on necromancer bosses.

- The hood has been removed from the Blue Mage Robes and a separate Blue Mage Hood has been added, which fortifies Magicka by 20 points.  One of the two Blue Mage Robes found in Angeline's Aromatics has been replaced with a Blue Mage Hood.

- A playable Black Mage Hood has been added, which fortifies Magicka by 20 points.  A Black Mage Hood has been added to Orchendor's outfit.  One of the three Black Mage Robes found in Fort Snowhawk has been replaced with a Black Mage Hood.

- A separate Thalmor Hood has been added.  The hood is unenchanted and the enchantment on the robes has been removed.

- The hooded Mythic Dawn Robes in Silus's house have been replaced with a separate Mythic Dawn Hood.  Silus has also had a hood added to his outfit.  This allows you to obtain two complete sets.  The hood is unenchanted and the enchantment on the robes has been removed.

- You will receive the non-hooded Arch-Mage's Robes at the end of the College questline instead of the hooded robes.  The non-hooded robes normally available in the Arch-Mage's quarters with USSEP have been replaced with a separate Arch-Mage's Hood, which fortifies Magicka by 50 points.  This means you can steal the hood (and boots), but you must actually become Arch-Mage to receive the robes; if you aren't up for stealing, then becoming the Arch-Mage will grant you access to the entire outfit.

- Separate Dunmer Outfit hoods have been added.  These and their respective matching outfits are now sold by Fethis Alor on Solstheim.  Each hood is unenchanted and the enchantment has been removed from each of the outfit variants.

- The enchantments on the Temple Priest Robes and Cultist Robes have been removed.

- One pair of Telvanni Robes and one pair of Telvanni Shoes have been added to the chest in Tel Mithryn that is made available to you after completing the "Old Friends" quest.

- Two items have been replaced/removed:
1. The Cowl (17696) has been replaced with the more common and nearly identical Hat (330BC); the only difference between them was weight.  The Hat has been renamed to "Cowl," and the Vampire Hood from Dawnguard has been renamed to "Vampire Cowl" to match.
2. Mage Robes (6B46B), which are only found in two locations, have been replaced with Blue Robes, which they are completely identical to.

- Boots were added to Borvir's and Ilas-Tei's outfits because I was editing their outfits anyway.

= Optional Files =
SHAM Unenchanted Wizard Gear

Same as the main file, except the enchantments have been removed from each piece of the Arch-Mage outfit and the Telvanni outfit.

SHAM Wearable with Circlets

Same as the main file, except that circlets can now be worn with any hoods that are classified as clothing (so no TG hoods or DB cowls).  This includes the aforementioned Hat/Cowl, the Alik'r Hood, the Redguard Hood, the Shrouded Hood, all three Mage Hood variants, the Novice Hood, the Apprentice Hood, the Adept Hood, the Vampire Hood/Cowl, the Temple Priest Hood, and finally all of the hoods added by SHAM.  There may be some minor to moderate clipping on certain hoods depending on your race and/or sex; the majority of them are fine, though.  Also, circlets don't appear visually when wearing the red and blue Dunmer Hood variants; I'm not sure why, so I can't fix it at this time.

SHAM Combo

Includes everything from the main file and the two other optional files.

= Conflicts =
Minor to moderate.  Mods that edit the same records will conflict.

= Installation & Load Order =
Use the "Mod Manager Download" button if using one (MO2, NMM, or Vortex).  Otherwise, use the "Manual Download" button and extract the contents of the downloaded file to your main Skyrim SE directory.  Any of my plugins should load after the Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch (USSEP) if you have it installed.

= General Disclaimer =
My mods are made using SSEEdit (primarily) and the Creation Kit (only as needed).  They are made for use with vanilla content and USSEP.  USSEP is generally not required (unless otherwise specified), but it is of course highly recommended to get any fixes not included in my mods.  Any modified records or game files (meshes, textures, scripts, etc.) include fixes from the current public release of USSEP as well as fixes for any bugs I may have found while working on them, which I will have reported to the team before uploading.

I try not to make unnecessary edits to minimize conflicts.  I also try to test my mods before release to make sure they work properly.  However, if any problems with my mods are found, please let me know in the comments and I will attempt to fix them.  If you have any suggestions for additions or improvements, feel free to make them.

Please don't forget to endorse if you like the mods.

= Thanks =
Kryptopyr for her Clothing and Clutter Fixes mod, which is where I got the idea (SE Version)
Arthmoor for his Cutting Room Floor mod
The Unofficial Patch team
The xEdit team