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Adds a female gender specific animation for picking up items or foraging.

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Legendary Edition Version Here -


Using FNIS's excellent ability to add gender specific animations, I decided to make a more feminine pickup from ground animation. All female NPC's in the game will use this animation instead of the default. Males will continue to use the more masculine default animation. The female animation is twice as long (190 frames) as the default (80 frames), which makes it a little more detailed in movement.

The leg positions are designed to work with many of the replacement female idle animations.



Simply install the mod and run FNIS - (GenerateFNISforUsers.exe) making sure to select the checkbox for Gender Specific Animations. That's it!

To test in game, bring down console and type: "playidle IdlePickup_Ground" after clicking on a target npc or yourself.


I have included an optional ESL/BSA combo to very simply add harvesting animations to the player. Will only trigger in 3rd person view. It does not in anyway shape or form effect any default object or script, and simply works dynamically when the player activates a valid harvesting node. Requires SKSE64 for determination of whether the game is in 3rd person mode or not. 

To use, place anywhere in your load order and then harvest plants/mushrooms etc.. whilst in 3rd person camera mode. (First person will continue to work as it always does: instant click for resource.)

TODO: I am going to add 2 more animation variants for this to play according to the height of the node in relation to the player. Because if the node is on a ledge or is a hanging plant then the current animation won't fit very well.


Xider for the animation.
Fore for the amazing Fores New Idles in Skyrim SE.
Kozai61 for his inspiration with his Jarl Sitting Animation. (Yes I copied the naming convention for this, that way anyone searching for "feminine" will see both these animations.)