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Dawnstar Manor for SEE - already indispensable for me in LE, just because of the never-full workshop chest, always available as an invisible backpack, as well as the teleport magic, which works everywhere and always and also enables teleport from/to foreign mod worlds.

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Dawnstar Manor
by NNW
for SEE v.2.1 English Translation EV 2.1

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Dawnstar Manor lies on a small island in front of the village of the same name and change 9 exterior cells, which are not used by any other mod so far. The change of several exterior cells is unfortunately necessary because of the adaptation of the Navmeshes, so that the transitions to the adjacent cells are suitable.

For me this house mod is a "must have" because two features which are unique in function:
- the "never ending bag" which is a chest in the forge while also an invisible backpack
- the overall (!) working teleport, which also works in any other mod and is a live saver in worst situations.
Never seen another mod with such an overall working teleport.

Regardless of this the Dawnstar Manor is worth to explore carefully and read all books there.

A quay with a boat connection to Solitude and Dawnstar provides a direct connection to the mainland. The key to the property can be obtained by courier.

In the safe room there are two teleporters, one to Honeyside, the other to House Vindel (if purchased the houses) and reverse.

The lighting is decisively influenced by mods like Realistic Lightning Overhaul, EFXL and various ENBs. So who has something active from it.....


    A main house with kitchen, bedroom, servant room and various other rooms.
    Various cupboards, jugs and chests
    1 food sorter and 1 ingredient sorter
    A cellar with access tunnel, engine room with main light switch and freight elevator.
    Book shelves and books
    An alchemy book, with a list of ingredients sorted by effect.
    A complete workshop in the outbuilding
    A material sorter for the bars and ore pieces.
    A spellbook that will add a home teleport spell to you. It also includes a Mark & Return option that works in any mod and from any position, so it's a "lifesaver" in a muddled situation!
    One time of day dependent lighting
    A backpack to expand the inventory. This can only be activated outside the inventory menu in sneak mode. The corresponding static chest is located in the workshop.
    In the "storeroom" there is a barrel with healing potion, where you can fill up your empty wine bottles with it.
    If the cellar is too dark for you, you can fill the torch holder with torches.
    A metal duck for the bathhouse.
    A housemaid with her own daily routine.
    A boat connection to Solitude and Dawnstar.
    The ingredients from DLC 1 & 3 are taken into account without requiring an ESM dependency.
    2 Dwemer vending machines and a housekeeper fill the property with life.
    A few gimmicks, such as a tin duck and switchable lighting in the hallway and study and in the swimming pool, and a working outhouse in the yard.

    Easteregg: In the player's house in Rifton (after its purchase) there is a trapdoor in the basement with a connecting tunnel to the main house Dawnstar Manor.

    Various annoying quest items (Barenziah's Klunker, Bard's Red Reds etc.) are stored in a chest at the push of a button.

Note: There are one letter and one book which I not yet translated. English is not my preferred language and by that it is more hard for me to translate from German to English than reversed. If someone wants to correct my English, he's welcome


Quay with two ships and entrance 
with ferry service to Solitude and Dawnstar
Ground Plan of the basement 
Engine room with general light switch
Safe room with teleport platforms  to Honeyside and House Vindel (and reversed)

Read Rhona's message:
"... The gate key for Dawnstar Manor you got from my messenger, another one is in the safe, which is next to the fruit barrels in the cellar.

You'll find 2 magic books with a time & teleport spell on the shelf next to the servants' room. In the study there is also a copy of Tian's "Alchemistic Collection". The lighting for the basement, the bathhouse, the workshop and the access tunnel can be switched on in the engine room. I have a special backpack for you in the big chest, which is on the left side of the bedroom...."

So, when you enter first time, coming from quay, first goto the engine room, switch on the light engine, and then to the safe room and take the 2nd key.


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