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This will change Greatsword third person animation for Power attacks, Normal attacks, Idle, Blocking. Also works with battleaxe and warhammer

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This will change Greatsword third person animation for:
1. Power attacks
2. Normal attacks
3. Blocking/ parrying
4. Usable for Battleaxe or Warhammer

NMM installer package
01 Main folder contain all animation, you have to choose each folder (02,03, 04 etc) for spesific animation

Battleaxe and warhammer block animation using
Blocking Animation Pack SSE

Video showcase for first version of this mod, doesnt really show the same because some changes have been made, for example left power attacks and idle stance, you have to test in game yourself to know. Theres only slight change for normal attacks, you might not feel any difference. Movement/swing still vanilla-ish, only reduce the footwork abit makes player doesnt look like loosing balance while swinging.

Video link for turn, blockidle, blockhit

Thanks to
Z4x for conversion
Bethesda & Nexus