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This mod makes the ear-blasting draugr shouts a bit quieter, remixed by an audio engineer since 2004.

A demo video is now available in the Videos tab.

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Do you tremble just reading that? Did you poop your pants the first time you found the Draugr boss in Bleakfalls Barrow?
Have your neighbors knocked on your door asking you to stop shouting strange words? Were the cops called for a noise complaint in the middle of a dungeon dive?
Did your cat accidentally have an abortion because the ear-shattering Draugr shouts that Bethesda cursed us with made kitty-kitty legally brain dead?

Well, this is the mod for you!
I've been an audio engineer since 2004, and I took my audio chops and remixed the sounds so they don't literally split the sky and implode time and space around the rift causing the earth to get sucked into a black hole of doom courtesy of Bethesda's crappy mixing engineers.

In other words, I made them quieter. I did a little processing on them too so they don't turn your subwoofer into a subsonic riot dispersal cannon

No more angry neighbors, no more cops, no more cat abortions. Just Draugr the way they should have been.