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A simple, script free, mod that allows players to view the previously invisible weapon info/specs... "1H/2H/BOW", "SPEED", "REACH", "STAGGER", and "CRITICAL DAMAGE". These specs/stats will be displayed parenthetically next to the name of the weapon. (always *IN THAT ORDER*)
***example - Iron sword (1H / 1.00 / 1.00 / 0.75 / 3.00)

Permissions and credits
COMPATIBILITY- Should be compatible with ANYTHING. There are NO SCRIPTS. Just edits on the weapon name!

INSTRUCTIONS -   1) DOWNLOAD (main file) with mod manager button.
2) Download any optional files that apply to any mods that you want specs to be included on your game.
3) Move these plugins lower in your load order to ensure they aren't over-written by anything else.
4) ***Jot this down*** until you have it memorized>>> "(TYPE / SPEED / REACH / STAGGER / CRITICAL DAMAGE)"
5) Enjoy! 

NOTE- when deciding which OPTIONAL FILES to use... If you look at the amount of KB used in each optional file, and just add a 0 to that number, you'll likely be somewhere in the rough ballpark of an idea of how many weapons are affected in that mod. (NOT exact at all! but just a rough idea... like, if a file is only 1KB, it likely has single digit weapons... or if it's 5KB, maybe closer to 50ish weapons. (I think this is actually a low estimate if anything, but it may help to make a quick decision without having to dig deeper for exact numbers)

MERGING NOTE- I personally no nothing about merging (yet :-) )… however I thought I would share this comment from the posts... courtesy of Shiro26395, as it may be helpful to any of you who are considering your options with my large assortment of optional files... Shiro said...
"So i merged all the esps without any problems as expected. Then i realised Wrye Bash merges that Merge (all the weapon specs plugins) anyway.
so maybe you should add some merging instructions and tell people what i just did. More people will try and use your mod then bc some just dont want to add 10 plugins to their modlist for this, even if it gets bashed. Note, that some peeps merged their Weapons and Armor mods to one. Meaning, the dependency for your mod is probably in that merge. Everyhtings of minor relevance but i guess some people would just like to know.
Besides that, everythings working perfectly...

*Ignore my PERSONAL USE files in the "miscellaneous" section, they are for my own personal tweaks to
  a wide variety of things and have a ton of master files.

***NOTE - Until this project is complete, I will be updating at least one of the files DAILY (50 weapons minimum daily), so if you see an updated file, just deactivate your current version, download and install the new version, and you are good to go! (these all download within SECONDS... so it's easy as pie)

11/24/18 - The day has finally arrived... The MAIN FILE (all weapons in orig SSE) is finally COMPLETE!!!

All optional files created to this point are complete as well... in short, I'm finally done! YAY! If you've been waiting to download when all the files are done, NOW IS THAT TIME!

THANK YOU to all who have downloaded already, and all who have offered me tips and advice along the way, as this was my first ever mod, so it was a learning experience to say the least. If anyone finds any weapons I have missed, or a typo or anything, be sure to let me know, but I was very meticulous in this project, so I don't anticipate any, but you never know...

Thank you all again, take care, and ENJOY...


TOTAL WEAPONS DONE SO FAR = Okay, tired of counting... there's a LOT. :-) (11/22/18)
TOTAL WEAPONS DONE SO FAR = 6436 (2844 on the main file) (11/20/18)
TOTAL WEAPONS DONE SO FAR = 6386 (2844 on the main file) (11/18/18)
TOTAL WEAPONS DONE SO FAR = 6138 (2701 on the main file) (11/16/18)
TOTAL WEAPONS DONE SO FAR = 5995 (2558 on the main file) (11/14/18)
TOTAL WEAPONS DONE SO FAR = 5863 (2473 on the main file) (11/12/18)
TOTAL WEAPONS DONE SO FAR = 5641 (2423 on the main file) (11/10/18)
TOTAL WEAPONS DONE SO FAR = 5403 (2231 on the main file) (11/9/18)
TOTAL WEAPONS DONE SO FAR = 5135 (2231 on the main file) (11/7/18)
TOTAL WEAPONS DONE SO FAR = 4727 (1984 on the main file) (11/5/18)
TOTAL WEAPONS DONE SO FAR = 4531 (11/3/18)
TOTAL WEAPONS DONE SO FAR = 4344 (11/2/18)
TOTAL WEAPONS DONE SO FAR = 4136 (10/31/18)
TOTAL WEAPONS DONE SO FAR = 4014 (10/30/18)
TOTAL WEAPONS DONE SO FAR = 3561 (10/28/18)
TOTAL WEAPONS DONE SO FAR = 3193 (10/27/18)
TOTAL WEAPONS DONE SO FAR = 2987 (10/25/18)
TOTAL WEAPONS DONE SO FAR = 2864 (10/24/18)
TOTAL WEAPONS DONE SO FAR = 2621 (10/23/18)
TOTAL WEAPONS DONE SO FAR = 2571 (10/22/18)
TOTAL WEAPONS DONE SO FAR = 2505 (10/21/18)
TOTAL WEAPONS DONE SO FAR = 2357 (10/20/18)
TOTAL WEAPONS DONE SO FAR = 2035 (10/19/18)
TOTAL WEAPONS DONE SO FAR = 1911 (10/17/18)
TOTAL WEAPONS DONE SO FAR = 1834 (10/16/18)
TOTAL WEAPONS DONE SO FAR = 1658 (10/15/18)
TOTAL WEAPONS DONE SO FAR = 1432 (10/13/18)
TOTAL WEAPONS DONE SO FAR = 1296 (10/12/18)
TOTAL WEAPONS DONE SO FAR = 1102 (10/11/18)
TOTAL WEAPONS DONE SO FAR = 927 (10/10/18)

10/8/18 - Over 550 weapons done altogether so far (between the main file + all the optionals), still long ways to go... working hard...
THANK YOU for all the downloads, please endorse if you like!

10/4/18 - UPDATE V1.02  - New file (TCBWEAPONSPECS.ESP) does NOT require any other mods, just need skyrim se ! (will make separate files for mod weapons later!)

This is my first ever mod, so bear with me as I learn... Essentially what I am doing here is methodically "renaming" each weapon in the game, to include a list of 4 additional specs (along with a "1H", "2H", or "BOW" description) next to the original name, in parentheses. The display will always read like this... "[weapon name] (TYPE / SPEED / REACH / STAGGER / CRITICAL DAMAGE)", So for example, the new "name" of the iron sword would be...

Iron Sword (1H / 1.00 / 1.00 / 0.75 / 3.00)

Being a stats geek, I've searched long and hard for a mod like this (that doesn't require any script extending or additional menu tools, or general "messyness"), and have not found anything like it, so, I've decided to attack the problem myself. After several long hours, so far I have 113 weapons done, so I think I'm about 1% done, lol. But once I get obsessed with something, well... let's just say this may get done sooner than you might imagine... but in the meantime, I thought I would go ahead and upload to NEXUS, in case anyone wants to check out what I have so far and/or throw in any thoughts, comments, or suggestions... You could quickly find an example of my work by finding any iron sword, iron dagger, steel sword, steel greatsword, ebony sword, ebony greatsword, or any one of over a hundred other random weapons I've done so far. This is very time-consuming and meticulous work, and I am carefully cross referencing with adjustments/tweaks from the USSEP, skyrim update.esm, along with other popular mods with corrective tweaks, as to not over-ride any improvements already made by others. So again, bear with me, I hope to keep this project moving along rapidly until completion, but it's not a one day project, to say the least. Also, I am going to try to focus on completing the "original" (vanilla+DLC, AKA-Skyrim SE) weapons first, but this project will ultimately include ALL weapons, at least all that are on my game, which would include mods like, IMMERSIVE WEAPONS, T'SKYRIM TRUE WEAPONS, PRIVATE EYE HEAVY ARMORY, LORE WEAPON EXPANSION, EXPANDED SKYRIM WEAPONRY, STANDALONE09'S WEAPONS... to name a few...   All the mod weapons will be added to OPTIONAL FILES... which you can scroll through and shop for what you need.  Other than that, good luck and hope you enjoy!

Oh, LOAD ORDER! I believe this will work best as close as possible to the BOTTOM of your load order, as to avoid the weapon "name" being over-written by any other weapons related mods! (UNLESS you have other mods that adjust weapons in a way that you don't want my mod to interfere with, in which case you should load mine at the top (but you may lose some of my specs labels that way))

PS- for those interested in finer details... during the process of going through these weapons one by one, there are many instances of multiple mods "competing" with their particular "tweaks" of such things as crit damage, or even sneak detection specs, value, damage... you name it... So I have called on a combination of common sense, instincts, and a general habit of bowing to the preferences of the most trusted sources... namely USSEP, and update.esm… or even reverting to the skyrim.esm specs if another mod is proposing an inexplicable adjustment that seems uncalled for. My aim is to be as unintrusive as possible to the game, outside of adding the additional info to the display, obviously. What you should actually find in fact, when this is all said and done, is that this will "correct" a lot of the modifications made by other mods, where they have basically (unwittingly) over-written the USSEP corrections, and reverted back to the original/flawed skyrim.esm specs... well in addition to my primary purpose of displaying specs, I am also re-correcting these overlooked errors (another reason to put this to the BOTTOM of your load order!)

Draugrs to White Walkers (name change) -
Torch Tweaks -
Warrior Perks Redux (increased difficulty)-