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Alternative versions and previous to the current version of Bijin Warmaidens, different aspect for different tastes, includes Lydia, Aela and Ria.

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There are other versions that give another aspect for some NPCs of the mod Bijin Warmaidens, these versions are only found in the Oldrim version of Bijin Warmaidens in "Optional files" (Aela 3.1) and "Old files" (Lydia PV and Ria 2.5) that you can find on your page -> Bijin Warmaidens (Oldrim), I had special interest in 3 concrete NPCs:

Lydia Private Version

Aela 3.1

Ria 2.5

Personally I prefer the appearance of these versions, so I decided to port them to SSE as it should, I observed that there are users who requested a port of these versions for SSE, but they were never made, so I decided to share them for the enjoyment of all.

About the ports:

I did not do this alone, I made the port of the 3 mods and added some skin options for Lydia and Ria, but not for Aela (I liked how it came), I made the basic changes for a port, and the companion Shiva182 did the rest (in fact, with all those changes, this mod seems more done by shiva182 than done by my xD), which is much more than what I did, fixed some mistakes and added more options.

All changes in the ports:


I hope you enjoy these alternatives for these NPCs, for me they are my favorite.

Salt and Wind version thanks to Shiva182 -> Bijin Warmaidens - Alternate Faces Salt and Wind SE

ENB used: Re-Engaged - Color Correction version -> Re-Engaged ENB

PS: Excuse my English, it's not my native language.

My first Hot Mod, thanks!


rxkx22: Thanks to rxkx22 for their wonderful mods of NPCs and Skins and for giving their permission to carry them and be able to enjoy them in SSE, it would be a good idea to endorse their work: Profile

Davoker: Initial port of the 3 mods, with a beer I am satisfied Ò0ó but you can always endorse =)

Shiva182: For your help, for the arrangements and additions you made to the ports, it would be a good idea to endorse your work if you like: Profile