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Various patches for Better Dynamic Snow

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Wish there were more objects covered by the new snow effects?
Tired of thin stripes/lines on various snowy objects in the world?
Not happy with Windhelm and wish you could revert it to vanilla without removing BDS?
Then you need Better Dynamic Snow Patches!

So whats included?
All remaining vanilla models using the vanilla snow shaders should now be replaced by a BDS version.
Ruins clutter (pots) using the wrong shader outdoors (ice shader instead of snow shader) replaced by BDS
Ruins bridge end pieces using wrong shader outdoors replaced by BDS

Experimental patch for reducing striping/lines effects on certain meshes

Optional patch: revert most Windhelm meshes -
to vanilla snow shader (not snow drifts/piles)

Added patch for BS Bruma

Not really BDS related but included an optional BS Bruma animated windmill fan replacer too.

Note: place Windhelm Revert under all other BDS patches

Screenshots were taken with Fluffy Snow

Bugs / FAQ's

Q: This mod conflicts with Majestic Mountains / BDS MM Patch! What should I do? Do I still need that patch?

Yes. Place this before Majestic Mountains so that can make the changes it needs then add MM BDS Patch after i.e:

Better Dynamic Snow
Better Dynamic Snow - Patch
Majestic Mountains
BDS MM Patch

Q: I've still got meshes/models still using the vanilla shader effect! Whats going on?

A: you've got a mod that adds custom models to the world and they're applying the vanilla shader.

Q: Can you fix it?

A: Possibly. It'd require permission from the other author and another patch though...

Q:There are still striping effects! I thought it was fixed!

A: Its like plugging a hole in a leaky dam, plug one hole and another springs up.
If you completely reduce the snow axis projection you'll have no snow cover.
You can reduce it but I doubt its possible to completely eliminate it, sorry.

Q: I'm using Windhelm Revert but its not working! Meshes are still messed up!

A: Place it below any other BDS patches you have in your load order.

Q: I'm getting random CTD's with the BS Bruma patch!

A: Yeah so the BS Bruma team simply ran the original LE meshes through SSE NifOptimizer and it introduced errors into some meshes.
If you can point out where its happening or better still point out the mesh thats causing problems I'll try fix it sometime.
Unfortunately I don't play BS Bruma much so I'm unable to test extensively for bad meshes.

Q: So whats with the BS Bruma windmill fan? Whats that all about?!

A: Eh it bugged me I thought "wow what a great mesh! I love it! Better than the vanilla ones in Skyrim!
Wait, what its static? No animation?! Thats a real shame!" So I decided to animate it. Took me the best of a day
in Nifskope to figure out the inner workings of the animation handling NiControllerManager but got there in the end.
Doesn't strictly fit in here but it didn't seem worth creating an entire new mod page for the sake of one mesh. So left it here.

Q: Is it safe to add/remove these mid game?

A: There are no scripts and nothing is baked into the savegame so they should be safe to add or remove at any time.


v.1.3 main patch - removed a forwarded bad vanilla texture record from WHareana01 so meh321's  'No Grass In Objects' mod's grass cache generation shouldn't fail at this point at least. Thanks to PRieST47 for spotting the error.

v.127 Beyond Bruma patch - corrected some bad worldspace object bounds data that crept in there somehow - new users can use this existing users should probably avoid as I'm not sure what the consequences would be especially if you've generated LOD. Sorry about that.