About this mod

Real Rain Will make you run for cover and get a dovahbrella :D.

Permissions and credits

To make rain as real as possible.

What it does is redo the rain textures so they are more random and natural looking
while making the rain denser w/o any fps lag or bloated save files.

Also tested extensively to work with both ENB and w/o ENB settings
without being too bright at night or too transparent during the day.
Hits that sweet spot as best as possible.

To test the rain just open the console and enter
"fw c821f" for light rain or "fw c8220" for regular rain

Future Plans
Make Harder Weather for all versions (more like TrueStorms)
Make some custom rains like bloodrain and tetrisrain
And after all that maybe I will play this game

3.2 Added NatPRT option to the Fomod and changed all the esp names for easier updates.
3.1 Updated CoT part of file to match the 5.4 update and changed the name for NMM (quick patch)
3.0 Update so all files are under one Fomod file and edited the rain for looking more natural

2.4 Went back to 2.2 version except slightly slower rain same texture CoT version changes texture a hair
2.3 Made rain a bit more like the video down below really if you like 2.2 keep that version both are fine
2.2 Basic adjusts the rain to be a tiny bit more opaque and better looking (works with 99% of weather mods)
2.0 Fixes all the blackness problems with the way rain looks with default skyrim

CoT Version

To test that Real Rain CoT go into the console
and type "fw 1044830" for Light rain or "fw 1044831" for regular rain 

CoT is required for this version to work @

True Storms

Works perfectly with RealRain
Just put RealRain after TS

CoT + True Storms

Works perfect with a patch mod here

Load order should be

True Storms
CoT True Storms Patch
RealRain Cot

Vivid Version

To test that Real Rain Vivid go into the console
and type "fw 10a241" for Light rain or "fw 104242" for regular rain 
Works with both with and without the Extended Weather Esp.

VIvid is required for this version to work @

NatPRT Version

To test that Real Rain Vivid go into the console
and type "fw 10a241" for Light rain or "fw 104242" for regular rain 

I also edited his misty rain to look more natural

NatPRT is required for this version to work @

Dolomite / NLVA II

Works great with Dolomite and even Dolomite + TrueStorms + Default RealRainSE
and type "fw 10a241" for Light rain or "fw 104242" for regular rain 

Get the full version @

Load order should be

Truestorms (if using)


RealRain 2.2


Before RealRain

Current c8220 weather above / overcast is about 1/4 as many rain drops and a tiny bit skinnier


Install it after any weather, lighting , water mod and it should work fine.
And I would recommend using NMM using the Fomod!

Only use one version at a time


Q:Will this slow my fps or cause ctds?
A:No, its just 1 texture file that replaces the vanilla
texture at about the same size and if your getting ctds
thats more likely conflicts of other mods or scripts that
are loose. My mod has no scripts or bulky files so thats
not the problem.

Q:Does this work with other mods?
A:Yes, my core version works with all other mods even ones
that change weather, rain, and lighting. Now if you install
my plugins that change weather however they will clash with
other mods that do the same thing and you will have to
choose between the plugin or the other mod.

Just try putting RealRain after any weather mod and most should work
Except exceptions that will be listed below if people mention them enough

Except mods that don't use default weather ids and particle ids
or even not using the default naming for fxraindrops.dds

VIvid now works with his Default and Extended versions!

For CoT and True Storms look at the top

Any questions welcome but I might of already answered it
Just check in the comments first please

Q:My game is acting wierd after installing your mod.
A:I doubt that.

Also if I get enough requests for a patch for a weather mod I will probably do it


Also check out my new fog replacer mod Dimmer Fog @

And my new mod BloodyRain @

The ENB I currently use is Firemanaf's Skyrim Reengaged @



If you do use my texture files let me know First.
I might let you but who knows

If you like the mod endorse it so it gets more coverage and allows more people to use it.