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Miroslav Yegorov and Robyn Rybnik

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Livia Salvian is the daughter of the High Chancellor of the Empire. Voiced by the voice actress of Mirai, she has over 500 dialogues. She is an honorable and strong soldier who likes singing, and joins your journey for a very specific reason. Can be married.

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Livia Salvian is an honorable, dedicated, faithful soldier, and the daughter of the High Chancellor of the Empire. She has over 500 lines of custom-voiced dialogues.

She is extremely patriotic due to her family background, and would defend the Empire no matter the cost. Livia hates the Aldmeri Dominion, and looks for a day when the Empire's flag could rise upon Alinor City.

She decided to join you for a very specific reason - check her self-introduction.

("Blackwater Crossing" was a confusion, corrected in the actual version)

Character and Personality

Livia's story is related to, but not included in the much larger quest mod: The Fate Of Tamriel. Her story will give you hints of what will happen in The Fate Of Tamriel's next chapter.

Level designers, modelers, scripters are welcome to join our team!

Other than Livia, this mod also brings in many new books and loading screens that describe the lore background of Livia's family and the Mede Empire, as well as the many missing parts of the Fourth Era's history.

You can translate it, but you must notify me of it.



Q1. Where is she?
A1. Dragonsreach.

Q2. What is her combat style?
A2. Sword and shield, but you can change it in EFF or AFT.

Q3. How can I recruit her?
A3. You must NOT have joined the Dark Brotherhood. It is, however, fine to destroy the Dark Brotherhood.

Q4. What is her body type?
A4. Whichever body type you use.

Q5. Can I recruit her as a Stormcloak, since she loves the Empire?
A5. You can recruit her if you are already a Stormcloak, but she will leave you if you join the Stormcloaks after you recruit her. BUT after a CERTAIN POINT of the story, she will accept you joining the Stormcloaks. She will never join a Thalmor player, however.

Q6. Is this mod compatible with...
A6. Yes.

Q7. Can I marry her?
A7. Livia is marriable.

Q8. How do I progress with Livia's story?
A8. Just travel with her and your friendship will improve.

Q9. Does she have her own follower system?
A9. No, because there are existing Follower System mods that are extensive and useful enough, and my effort would be better spent on Livia's content and dialogues. Install EFF or AFT.

Q10. Does she recognize if my character is not a Dragonborn?
A10. Yes. She has a different introduction if your character did not start from Helgen, hence is not Dragonborn.

Miroslav Yegorov (Anbeegod) - Everything except voice acting
Robyn Rybnik - Voice acting

Resource used:
Citrus head mesh
Real Girls texture
Nif Merge
KS Hairdos Renewal
Creation Kit