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Skyrim Special Edition conversion of wiikki's Liliths Obliterator - Custom Battleaxes Waraxes Maces weapon mod.

Permissions and credits
This is wiikki's Liliths Obliterator - Custom Battleaxes Waraxes Maces weapon mod converted to work with Skyrim Special Edition. With permission of wiikki, of course.

All credit goes to him. I merely extracted all files out of the .bsa format for better compatibility and converted the meshes to work with SSE. Check out the rest of his mods as well because all his work is great!

I will keep this updated to whatever version the original is currently on.

Original mod found here.

3.01 update:
-converted files to form 44

3.0 update:
- Adds an new version of the weapons into the game called Lilith's Ancient Obliterator that has darker textures, shine and glowing edges. These weapons have slightly higher attack than the normal ones. You will need to upgrade the basic version of the weapon with 5 daedra hearts to get the Ancient version

- Adds a new mace: Lilith's Evening Star. Both 1h and 2h. Upgradable to Ancient

- Vampire dust removed from crafting ingredients

2.1 update:
- texture tweaks (better handle and blade)

- 5 new mace versions added

With this update, this mod now adds 15 new weapons!

Original Description:

This mod is a remake of wiikki's earlier mod; Lilith's Decapitator. This mod contains 9 (pre-update) new weapons of different shapes and sizes so you may find a weapon that suites your style.

The Battleaxes:
All of the battleaxes have the base damage of 28. Otherwise, the stats match Daedric battleaxe (base damage 25).

Lilith's Obliterator: The regular version. Quite large.
Lilith's Obliterator (Big): Same as the regular but just with a HUGE blade.
Lilith's Obliterator (Sm): Realistic size, about the same size as Daedric Battleaxe
Lilith's Obliterator (2e): Regular version with 2 edges. It's big!
Lilith's Obliterator (2eSm): Realistic size of the 2-edged version. 

The Waraxes:
All of the waraxes have the base damage of 18. Otherwise, the stats match daedric waraxe (base damage 15).

Lilith's Obliterator (1h): The regular waraxe. Quite large as well.
Lilith's Obliterator (1hSm): Realistic version of the regular one.
Lilith's Obliterator (1hcho): A Chopper special version. Huge!
Lilith's Obliterator (1h2eSm): A 2-edged version of the (1hSm). 

The 1-handed Maces:
All of the 1-h maces have the base damage of 19. Otherwise, the stats match daedric mace (base damage 16).

Lilith's Obliterator (mace1h): A mace with realistic size.
Lilith's Obliterator (mace1hbig): Bigger 1-handed mace

The 2-handed Maces:
All of the 2-h maces have the base damage of 30. Otherwise the stats match daedric battlehammer (base damage 27).

Lilith's Obliterator (mace2h): Quite big 2-handed mace.
Lilith's Obliterator (mace2hsm): A 2-handed mace with more realistic size.
Lilith's Obliterator (mace2hhal): A pretty big 2-handed mace with a long handle.

How to obtain:
The weapons can be crafted at a Blacksmith Forge with the daedric smithing perk, along with 5 ebony ingots, 5 daedra hearts, and 10 leather strips.


Use the console:

1. Type "help lilith". This gives you the weapon ID list.
2. Type "Player.additem *ID* *amount*" (without the *)


Install with your mod management program of choice. Or drag and drop the lilithsobliterator3_0.esp and the Textures and Meshes folders into your Skyrim Special Edition Data directory.