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This mod replaces the two variants of each guard cloak of the five cities, added by Cloaks of Skyrim

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 Sagecloaks have a more noble look and are worn by high graded guards that´s why i went for a cleaner look as the guards near a Jarl or King are supposed to have representative appearence.

  Cloaks are worn by random town guards and look rugged and frayed. But i thought i´d offer a clean version for this type to match the Sagecloaks. But......

...added a worn and dirty version too, so you can see that the guards are doing their job ;)


This mod replaces 10 textures of the great mod Cloaks of Skyrim made by Nazenn. There are two different variants of the cloaks worn by guards of each city. A rugged one and a clean one. I´ve redone the cloth texture and the coats of arms. As there are no normal maps in the original mod, i´ve added them for the textures. I wanted to add a little more vibrance and variance. 

A recommended mods is Cloaks of the Nords, which retextures most capes. So with these two you should have most of them covered.
Another great mod in addition is Winter is coming which adds fur capes and cloakes to cold regions. Be sure to grab the Cloaks of Skyrim patch in the optionals!


All Cloaks have been made in 2K


Cloaks of Skyrim is needed for this mod to work.


- download with you prefered mod manager, install and overwrite when promt
- or download manually, extract and put the "Textures" folder of this mod in your Skyrim/Data directory


- disable/uninstall the mod from your manager or remove the files from your Skyrim directory

Credits to  Nazenn for his great idea of adding these capes and cloaks to the game!

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