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A fast, detailed and vivid preset for Obsidian Weathers and Season which includes a balance of ENB effects.

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immersively immersive ENB
now with Extra HQ HD Enhanced Better Realistic Immersionness

a fast ENB (0.372+) preset tuned for Obsidian Weathers and Seasons



  • Lightweight and fast
  • Built exclusively for Obsidian from the ground up
  • ENB detailed shadows for much better shadow fidelity
  • ENB distant shadows for improved outdoor realism
  • ENB subsurface scattering (SSS) for skin, translucent objects and plants
  • ENB ambient occlusion (SSAO) tuned for balanced speed and high quality
  • ENB complex particle lighting for various lit or glowing objects to cast light
  • ENB procedural sun
  • ENB fast edge anti-aliasing
  • Fixed skin specular: no need to use skin shader fix mod
  • Subtle eye adaptation
  • Fast, simple colour processing: vivid, natural, atmospheric, highly saturated


  1. Clean out any previous ENB installation. You can use ENB and Reshade Manager. It’s quite nifty.
  2. Download the latest Skyrim SE ENB (version 0.3702 or later) package. ENB SSE homepage download 
  3. Extract only the two .dll files in the WrapperVersion folder and put them in your Skyrim root folder (the same folder as SkyrimSE.exe and SkyrimSELauncher.exe).
  4. Download this preset (manual). 
  5. Extract the files (and the enbseries folder) to the Skyrim root folder (not Data).
  6. Start SkyrimSE or SKSE as normal. 

Note for novice ENB users: it takes a while to build shaders when Skyrim starts. Ten or more seconds of totally black screen is normal.

INI settings...

  • BethINI works well to optimise you INI settings.
  • Turn off Ambient Occlusion. ENB does this instead. Keeping it on will not affect or improve image quality.
  • Turn off TXAA and TAA for better performance and image clarity. ENB does its own edge antialiasing.
  • If you find your textures too sharp and grainy, hit SHIFT+ENTER and untick Post Processing in the left menu, then Save Settings.

Recommended visual mods...

Listed here are some "foundation" graphic mod suggestions...

  • ENB Light Adds ENB Complex Particle Lighting to all kinds of light sources. Big improvement to lighting. Highly recommended.
  • Smooth Sky Mesh Makes the coastal horizon flat instead of a broken mess of polygons. Some amount of banding is unavoidable with Skyrim SE, even with Obsidian, but this at least makes it a level horizon. Highly recommended.
  • Special Edition Particle Patch all-in-one. Fixes an number of materials to make them behave like they should. Enables wind/snow streaks and interior fog to be controlled by ENB. Highly recommended.
  • SSE Engine Fixes. Greatly improves game stability and speed by fixing core bugs. Recommended for all SSE modding.
  • Majestic Mountains Very nice looking rock and moss and an improved snow system. Looks good. Don't select North or South shadow options as those break ENB's time of day detection.
  • Static Mesh Improvement Mod Massive improvements to many awful looking objects. 
  • Skyland Skyland landscape textures tile very smoothly and look good.
  • Skyland Imperial Forts. Lovely stone moss effect. 
  • Skyrim High Definition LODs - Darker and Grassy version. Oldrim, but works in SE. Manual install. Makes distant terrain blend in and look natural. "Darker and Grassy" works well with grass mods. Highly recommended. 
  • Noble Skyrim. Huge texture pack. Great city textures. Have other more specific texture mods overwrite this. 
  • Rudy HQ Nordic Ruins. Great ruin textures. 
  • R's Farmhouses and Handcarts. Great farmhouse textures.
  • Underground Nice cave and Dwemer ruin textures.
  • DynDOLOD. Huge improvements to distant objects. A few things to learn, but worth the effort.

Others: High Poly Project, Unofficial Material Fix, Stunning Statues of Skyrim, Misc Retexture Projext, Rustic texture packs, Underground dungeon textures, CC's Enhanced Ore Veins, WICO (fixed with SSEedit script), Dramatic Clouds.

Trees: my personal favourite Simply Bigger Trees with HQ Tree Bark but there are many excellent tree and vegetation mods. 3D Trees is very well made, but it affects performance with lower end GPU cards.

Verdant grass looks good, but it hits performance. Check it out to see if it's worth it for you. There are many other grass mods to try too, many based on Verdant. Veydosebrom has disappeared for now, unfortunately.

Q & A...

1. "What is the performance like?" 
I lose about 10 FPS over vanilla on an RX480. Usually locked at 60 in interiors. I use all of the above mods/textures. 

2. "I have a fire damaged Geforce 4 MX covered in gravy with 64k DDR memory. Can I use this?" 

3. "I have two watercooled 2080s in SLI with enough video memory to choke an adult silt strider, can I use this?" 

4. "How do I turn ENB on and off and access the ENB console?" 
Defaults. Shift + Enter to access the control panel and Shift + F12 to turn on and off.

5. "Any other Weather mods supported?" 
No. I like Obsidian.

6. "Can I turn on other effects (like SSIL, Skylighting and CPL shadows)?"
Yes. The preset is supposed to be fast but if you have a good GPU like a 1080, 2070 or Vega, turn on all the effects you like. Specular Skin causes massively over-bright skin when used with Complex Particle Lights and the "ENB Light" mod, which is why I disabled it. Your mileage may vary.