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WiP - Strong lightning caster companion

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Ravien is a Destruction Mage that specializes in Lightning magic. Currently spending the night in a cell in Helgen Keep for 'inappropriate display of magic in a public location', I'm sure she'd be more than willing to assist anyone able to free her.

Unique Features:
  • A destruction mage follower that starts with a unique bow and a spell tome which teaches a unique spell. As she levels she'll gain more and more power and access to stronger spells.
  • Bow: This bow can be upgraded using soul fragments, and if you pick up the glass smithing perk can be crafted at any forge. Can be used with any arrows. Cannot be enchanted.
  • Spell: The new spell summons an almost identical version of Bound Bow, the difference is that instead of running off of conjuration it works off your destruction skill.
  • Both: Both versions will increase both your archery and your destruction skills while being used. Both versions will benefit from both the Mystic Binding and the Soul Stealer perks.

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