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Changes the armors of Dawnstar guards to look warmer.

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Dawnstar is one of the coldest holds in Skyrim. This mod aims to remove the generic guard armor that Dawnstar guards use and replace it with something that matches Dawnstar's cold environment. I also kept the overall tones of this armor darker than other holds to reflect the dark nature of Dawnstar's environs (vaermina, original of Dawnstar's name, and the dark brotherhood sanctuary).  This is NOT a replacer mod, you can still obtain the original Dawnstar Guard armor by using the console.

I have added to their armor sleeves, a fur cape/cowl, and scales  to allow the guards of Winterhold to withstand the harsh climate of their home while having the standard guard amount of protection. The armor rating of this cuirass has not changed.  

I took inspiration from Practical Female Armors (authored by JZBai) and made the male and females armors very similar. Feel free to check out that mod here:

If the guards now seem to be too uniform, I recommend taking a look at Open Face Guard Helmets by Ice885:

Bear in mind that this is not yet ready to be worn by the player - I have not created the appropriate first person views.