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Allows outfit and home management for 10 concurrent followers. Each follower may have five unique outfits defined for different situations such as adventuring, home outfit, sleep outfit, a variety outfit and a nude outfit. Home AI packages can be defined so that followers can use a custom player home.

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Simple Follower Manager

A simple and lightweight mod I created for my personal game. I do not myself use the larger and more featured AFT or EFT, simply because I never bring along more than 1 companion at a time, due to the imbalance in game play that results.

I wanted a simple management system to allow me to give my followers custom outfits for different scenarios, whether they were out adventuring, at home relaxing, sleeping. The outfit will automatically switch whenever required. This has a very light papyrus load, there is no 'polling' that occurs, it simply occurs when skyrim itself does an outfit evaluation (whenever the actor changes cell).

I also wanted to move my followers in with me to any custom player home or a default home, and actually use the home. Therefore this mod allows you to specify 'areas' for your followers to sleep, relax, eat, bathe. Once the areas have been defined simply asking a follower to live with you, will instigate individual AI packages, each of the 10 slots has it's own schedule so followers will eat/sleep/bathe/relax at different times of the day.

Why only 10 slots?

Personally I don't typically have more than 5 or 6 followers living with me at any one time. So I did not need any more than 10 slots.

How to use:

Talk to your follower and you will have a new dialogue option "Manage with SFM". Selecting to manage the follower will then open up the outfit and home dialogue options.

Comparison with My Home is Your Home:

My Home is Your Home is a long time staple of the modding world and tackles nicely the problem of managing where your multiple followers live. SFM achieves the same thing, however there are some marked differences:

MHYH can manage a large number of followers (I believe 60?). Each of which have a set of world markers they use to relax/sleep/guard. It then has a simple AI package to do one of those things. You can have followers living at different homes through-out Skyrim with this mod.

SFM manages just 10 followers at the moment. SFM has a single set of markers defining areas in and around a home, these markers are then shared between all your SFM managed followers. This means you do not have to spend a great deal of time assigning each and every follower it's own sleeping/relaxation area. SFM has quite a few more AI packages (relax/sleep/eat/guard/bathe) which are more complex and more individual than MHYH. These AI packages can also determine what outfit the managed actor should be wearing (if outfits have been assigned.

So long and short of it, if you are making a decision between the two: If you want to actively use multiple homes across skyrim then MHYH is the better bet. If on the other hand you actively use a single player home then SFM will give you more functionality and better utilisation of that home. 

Note if you are Married in game:

SFM will allow you to show your husband/wife where to sleep independently of the other managed followers. So he/she will always sleep in your bed. Simply talk to him/her and show her where your bed is in the same way you do for the rest of your followers.


Does not require SKSE64. Can be anywhere in your load order. It does not have any assets or modify any default quest/asset.


SFM could be used as a resource for those creating custom followers to add a simple, flexible and lightweight way to manage the followers outfits or living arrangements. In fact I use the same mechanisms in the soon to be release Faye custom voiced follower. The source code is provided in the BSA file if you wanted to see how to achieve this without requiring SKSE64.


SFM is open use. Feel free to copy/modify/extend the mechanisms contained within as you see fit, no express permission is required from me. You are free to upload or utilise any aspect of SFM in your own mod and publish without asking consent. An acknowledgement would be nice, but is not required.