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Use Black Soul Gems to create a powerful weapon.

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I'm probably not going to release a major update for a while.

Demo includes a bow to let you get a feel for the mod's current direction.

A minor update is on the way to correct the bow's name, and enable tempering. Updated.

I recommend having a mod that makes tempering add more substantial damage, as the 5-20 damage from the vanilla tempering isn't very useful.

Requires the 'Daedric Glow Sets Redone SSE' mod by CyborgArmGun.

Let me know if anything goes awry.
To be expected when I finish the full mod:
• 2 daggers
• 2 swords
• 1 shield
• 1 helmet
• 1 cuirass
• 1 set of gauntlets
• 1 pair of greaves
• 1 set of boots
May be in the finished mod:
• 1 amulet
• 1 or 2 rings
• some enchantments
You can use the console command
set corruptedcrafts_glob_blackenedred to 0
to make the bow stay blue, even after reaching maximum power.
The effect is retroactive, so even if the bow is bright red, it will be blue next time you equip it.