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Zweihander from Dark Souls
Form44 NIF Optimized

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This model, its just port from DS game. I increased size of model, couse ds weapons at skyrim looks smaller(only for me maybe, write if you dont like this size). But its not weapon port only, I tried to make it looking like real Zwei from Dark Souls. 

What I did?
I changed effect of Windshear and added it to sword. Default enchantment so much op and gives long bash for every strike. Now it gives microbash. Its op too, but not like original.(Its will be cool, if you will upload video where will be shown how this work.)
Of course I increased attack range, its more than at all twohanded weapons in game(but within realism).
Also I did this sword very slow and little bit stronger than dragon's greatsword.
One problem, its not enchantable. But later I will make version with Chaos damage. I have no idea how to make it at this moment.

You can craft it and upgrade with steel perk. 6 steel ingots and 3 leather strips for craft. 2 ingots for upgrade.

How to change textures:
I cant use anothers textures in my mod without permission for them, but I can give you advice how to change them by yourself. I think its legal. And its not hard, just use this little guide:
1)Find new zweihander's textures in Dark Souls mods. Dark souls 1, cause this textures have similar structure like in Skyrim and they ideally working with this model.
2)Download them.
3)If they have png format, convert them to dds. Its easily with photoshop.
4)Rename downloaded files like this: --> --> --> WP_A_0208_n [Unknown24].dds

5)Overwrite my textures with new.
6)Download new mesh from my optional files, cause, without this, model will be look extremely bright.
7)You perfect.

Much thanks renthal311 for remodelling,
Bandai for model,
Bethesda for game.