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This Mod is a Simple but effective meditation mod whereby the DragonBorn is provided with a power to meditate.
This power, like all powers will only work once a day. obviously
So the meditation uses a spell that lasts for about 6 minutes,

Permissions and credits
The first two minutes of the effect, you  are allowed to restore all your character values, that is magicka, health and stamina to 100%.

In the next two minutes, you will be asked if you want to continue to meditate or not, if yes, then your character values(health magicka...) will increase every second at a rate of 0.01, this means by the time the effect is up, you wil have an extra 2-4 health, magicka.... instead of waiting for the level up.

in the remaining mintues, while the health is incrasing, you will also get a chance to finish you meditation.
Finishing your meditation will allow the player to gain additional magic skill points in alteration,conjuration, restoration....
and on completely ending the meditation you gain a single dragon soul(This is only if the magic effect ends without interuption)

And You can Buy the Spell book from Farengar or  Enthir.

You can also end the meditation early by clicking on Jump button.
i kept the values low just to avoid immersion breaking.
And the mod is not Script heavy.

 I am fully open to Suggestions as this is my first ever mod on NEXUS.

With The new update i added a quest which will run every time the player runs the game.
The first quest stage will add the original meditation spell to the player.

The next stages will be triggered once all your skills i.e( Alteration, Restoration,Conjuration, illusion,Destruction) are at level 25, 50 and 75 respectively.

As From user request perk points are added  every time you get a new spell added to your character

At 25 you will get Novice spell  -  4 perk points
At 50 you will get Adept spell  -   6 perk points
At 75 you will get Expert spell  -  8 perk points

Each level of the spells are modified to suit you skill levels and will improve everything according to you characters level.
Enjoy the mod, remember to endorse.
i am still working on a huge update for the mod which will have tons of new features.