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Trainwiz's "Wheels of Lull" is an amazing mod and one of my all time favorites. Sadly, it was not properly converted to Special Edition, resulting in a number of issues. I have created this patch with the goal of eventually fixing all bugs found in the mod.
(Attention: please read the full description before updating to the new version)

Permissions and credits
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This mod is intended to resolve numerous issues with the Wheels of Lull mod, as a sort of unofficial update to the mod.
Fixes incorrect form versions, unoptimized nifs, and other errors, check the changelog for an almost-complete list of the currently fixed issues.
Note that this includes the same fix as the Missing Meshes Fix, so that mod is not required (though having it still installed is harmless).
This also includes compatibility patches made by Argonil, fixing some issues with Bruma and the Forgotten City.

To install, simply allow this mod to overwrite the files added by Wheels of Lull. (Do not overwrite files added by any other mods besides Wheels of Lull!) Please be sure to endorse the original file!

Full credit to trainwiz for the amazing mod in the first place, and to his team for all their files.

head mesh fixes from triptherift.

Harquebus fixes contributed by JonathanOstrus

Some mesh fixes, plus overall advice, from SirJesto

Additional advice from Arthmoor.

VR Fix provided by Mallnaxus.

Warning: Some users of MO2 have reported crashes with this mod. I don't know why, but apparently MO2 isn't installing this properly. I don't use MO2, and therefore cannot help troubleshoot that. Please install manually if using MO2. If someone more experienced with that program has information on what is causing this and how to fix it, it would be appreciated.

Note: I recommend using the Bruma compatibility patch alongside the unofficial Bruma patch found here: .

Installation Instructions:
1: Install the original Wheels of Lull mod.

2: Download the Cathedral Assets Optimizer (latest version) and use it to optimize Wheels of Lull.bsa and Wheels of Lull - Textures.bsa from the original Wheels of Lull mod.

3: Download this mod, allowing it to overwrite the original WheelsOfLull.esp file (and any other files installed by the original Wheels of Lull)

4: Install any additional compatibility patches from this mod's files page (Legacy of the Dragonborn patch, Bruma patch, etc), as well as any desired optional files (1K tintmasks).

5: Sort your Loadorder with LOOT.


Planned for 1.7:
-Cleanup script to remove Llavados' body after the initial start of the quest so he doesn't lie there eternally. Littering is a crime.
-FOMOD installer so we don't have so so many optional patches on this page, and so installing is easier.

Planned for 1.8:
-Kill Lull-Mor Guards by pickpocketing their Pneumas. Also give Pneumas to named Chronographers, though those won't be possible to pickpocket.

Planned for 2.0:
-NAVMESH THE ENTIRE MOD. Finally, it will be possible for followers to join you. I hope.

Planned but not for any specific patch:
-Fully fix inventory previews for the Harquebuses.

Super-super-super long term "maybe do this one day" ideas:
-Player home
-Use the Lull-Mor train to travel to Blackreach and vice-versa, if the Blackreach Railroad mod is also installed. (Don't get your hopes up too much, this sounds very hard to do :P)
-Possible link with Aethernautics to visit the Clockwork City exterior location from Aethernautics if that is also installed, and to travel from there to lull-mor. (See above for "don't get your hopes up")