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This is an interface mod, displaying the inventory in a table instead of the usual style, improving the usability.

Permissions and credits
You should use SkyUI Instead

Enchantment doesn't work with a Controller and i dont want to fix it. Dont send me private messages about it.
I dont have the time to support it but everyone have the permissions to make a own version as long as they credit Roltak and give everyone the
same right to do it with your work.

This is a Port of the Original QD Inventory from Roltak
Link to the Original Version:
I just portet it and added optional 21:9 support
Yes i have the permission.

This is an interface mod, displaying the inventory in a table instead of the usual style, improving the usability.

Manual Installation:
1. Copy the downloaded zip file into your Data Folder, if you have steam that should be something like:
"C:ProgrammeSteamsteamappscommonSkyrim Special EditionData"
2. Unzip the archive directly into that file(The interface folder contained in the archive should be in the Data folder)
3. Have Fun

Simply remove the files it added to your Data folder, that would be
"DataInterfacecraftingmenu.swf" and "DataInterfaceinventory

Known Issues:
1. In Alchemy before you select anything the Item Name is "undefined". Low Priority
2. In Enchantment selected Item doesn't match the one in the List. Top Priority

First release

Fixed loot and top right corner bug

(Hopefully) fixed the craftingmenu and quantitymenu bug

(Hopefully) fixed the hidden columns bug
Added a keyboard support, will most likely revisit it later on
Keyboard support might also work for Gamepads, don't have any way to verify that
Added a V/W column, showing Value per weight, thanks stoudtlr for the idea ;-)
Internationalized the column headers so they should be in your language now

Implemented sorting by weight, name, value, damage/armor and v/w each ascending and descending.
Equipped Items should now always be on top, so you don't sell those anymore
(Hopefully) fixed the 360 gamepad, it seems to work for my emulated one

Disabled additional Information and sorting for the Crafting Menus in order to
get it working again while I continue to search for a solution.

Made it Compatible with the Special edition and add support for 21:9 Aspect Ratio