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A Skyrim Uncapper configuration for people who need a slower levelling experience.

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This is a Skyrim Skill Uncapper preset for people who have tons of quest mods and like to take their time with their Bethesda games. Different skills progress at different speeds and contribute to differing degrees to your level progress. Skills that get used a lot, like primary combat skills (one-handed, two-handed, destruction) level approximately half as fast, while occasional skills (alchemy, enchanting, smithing) level at the vanilla speed. You also get an additional perk every 5 levels. All skills are capped at 255, as recommended by Kassent for the most stable experience.
All values, of course, can be easily tweaked as you desire if something is not to your tastes.

This preset was made for my own personal use, so you may want to tweak it yourself.

tl;dr if you play the game slower and have a ton of quest mods, you won't find yourself hitting high levels nearly as fast during the course of your playthrough.


  • Install the Skyrim Skill Uncapper if you haven't already (don't forget to endorse!)
  • Install the main file of my preset with your mod manager of choice (you can merge my preset and the original mod in MO2 if you are so inclined)
  • ???
  • Profit.

Shoutout to Dirty Weasel Media for his documentation on the uncapper INIs and, of course, Kassent for his excellent Skyrim Skill Uncapper