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removes all bonus stats making all the races equal.

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Hi there welcome to my mod page 

this mod was created after I and friend were discussing how other games like guild wars and dungeon world don't give their races stat differences and how to give races stats has some really negative implications as in it promotes the idea some races are better than others

which in turn tends leads to race realism or scientific racism 

the mod aims to create a more even playing field between you and other playable races so no longer will you have to struggle if you want to play as an Orc Mage or high elf warrior you can now play whatever class you want with whatever race you want without the game making it harder for you to play as said class/race combo because the stat differences. races still have there abilities and powers through these may be removed this is the beta for this mode so feel free to play the game with your lore gave powers. 

mod plans for the future

1.make a nexus manager file for it.
2. add a version of the mod where it removes the powers/spells (as requested) 
4. work on a new mod that adds more journals and books about the people who live in Skyrim to flesh them out. 

kind regards 

Alice Shelley Forbes

Mod notes
29/08/2018 (noon): initial release.
29/08/2018 (evening): description changed due to flame wars in the posts.
30/08/2018 (morning): I have disabled comments due to flame wars, uncivil comments, and stress. comment will return when I feel that the heat has died down.