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A model update on the thane weapons on Zimmermjaz excellent replacing thane weapons.

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A custom model and texture mod for the Thane Weapons Module of Zimmermjaz's excelent Immersive Artifacts (ZIA).
Currently there are 2 updated weapons

Thu'um Fahdon:

Inspired on the event of Paarthurnax's imparting dragon language to humans, and given how Thu'um was needed to clear Dragonsreach from Numinex, smiths during the First Age made a heirloom of the Whiterun Hold. A dragonbone weapon inscribed with the power of the Voice.

A clean cut, beautiful piece of crystal Stalhrim fitted for a ceremonial weapon. Eastmarch is kind of bleak but butterflies are still everywhere in Skyrim, so I made an ornate design featuring both the utilitarian aspect (crude leather and iron, brass fittings) and some decorative sensibilites. You can also use it to bludgeon people with it... Probably not the last version of this weapon, wanted to do something with refraction to fit with Skysan's mod. Still, because his is based on vanilla design, my design looks a bit off.

Witch Hammer:
What would happen if a witch made a hammer? I guess they would use copper and make ironwood as a handle. The policing of the state by the Thalmor has landed the royal treasury many interesting relics, including the product of Widow's Watch Ruins past research, a hammer by witches to silence witches. To the Blue Palace, though, it's just a wooden mace.

I'm branching off a bit with this mod.

So you either have 2 options. You use my included ESP or you merge the ESP changes into ZIA original ESP or a merged patch. I can't change the model of most weapons without an ESP.

Now the mod is offered in both 4k diffuse and 2k normals or 2k diffuse and 1k normals. I myself use the 2k-1k version.

This mod and it's assets are given as an Open Mod. You can modify any of my files for any purpose at all, as long as you let me know so I can enjoy your project.