Skyrim Special Edition
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Marks repeating radiant quests in your quest journal as well as moves them to the miscellaneous section.

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-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------RADIANT QUEST MARKER FOR FALLOUT 4 GOT A MAJOR UPDATE
Latest version now also available on for all platforms!

Tired of infinitely repeating quests? Want to make sure you don't waste your time on them by accident? This mod is for you. These quests are called radiant quests and a lot of them suck. This mod simply marks them by putting (Radiant) before their names in your quest log and moves them to the miscellaneous section.

What quests are marked?

Criteria a quest must meet to get marked:
1. Quest must be repeatable
2. Quest must give non unique or random rewards such as gold or a random item
3. Quest must not lead into more important quests UNLESS it can be repeated after important quest is unlocked.

The goal of this mod is to single out quests that are unimportant time wasters instead of every single radiant quest by Bethesda's definition since some radiant quests are truly important, do eventually end, and do provide interesting rewards.

To see a full list of quests that are marked in the current version go here.

Installing this mod

Install with mod manager. Click the Download with Manager Button and then activate it in your mod manager. Follow the FOMOD installer to select your version.

Mod Compatibility

This mod officially supports the Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch, Cutting Room FloorEven Better Quest Objectives, and Quest Conflict Fixes just select the right version and patch when installing.

This mod should be compatible with all mods except for ones that change the names of quests. If you find an incompatibility please report it as a bug on the bug page.


If you would like to suggest changes or additions to the marked quests please view the currently marked quest list and click the link at the top. If I use a suggestion I will credit you if you give your username.

If you know other languages you could also contribute by uploading a translation.

V2.2 by ProfKnibble
V1.1 by 7r0j4n (out of date)


Q: Why did you make this?
A: After making my Radiant Quest Marker mod for Fallout 4 I realized how much of a detriment to gameplay this was in Skyrim as well and how there wasn't a mod that does this for Skyrim even after all these years. It's probably because they are more annoying in Fallout 4 but still.

Q: Will this mark radiant quests added by mods?
A: Nope but I might make plugins for mods in the future. To suggest one use the same contribution method mentioned above.

If you enjoy this mod please endorse it! Thanks =)