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Adds a potion allowing you to respec your perk points.

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  • Polish
Name: Ish's Respec Mod
Version: 1.6SE
Date: 4/14/2018
Category: Miscellaneous
Author: ishmaeltheforsaken
Source: Skyrim Nexus and


Polish, by N0rc


Skyrim Special Edition version or later


Adds a potion allowing you to respec your perk points.


This mod adds a new potion, "Draught of Fate Unwound," to apothecaries' inventories via leveled lists (so it should show up on any of them). If you're having bad luck finding it in stock, Elgrim in Riften is guaranteed to have a few available.

The potion removes the perks you've bought as you've leveled up and refunds you the appropriate number of perk points. When you drink the potion, a message will inform you that the process has begun. A second message will inform you when the process is complete. Do not try to use the skills menu until you receive the second message.

If you are running SKSE64 version 2.0.7 or later, this mod will handle any changes to perk trees made by any other mods you may be running. Without SKSE64, only vanilla perks will be removed, and you will only receive perk points for those perks.