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This mod allows your character to have claws like Wolverine from X-Men movie. This is only a conversion for SSE of Anton0028 brilliant mod. Nifs have been optimized, all .hkx animation files converted to SSE, File form 44 saved in CK, and minor script optimizations for better SSE efficiency.

Permissions and credits

This mod allows injection to your character a jumping claws (like Wolverine has in X-Men movie).
Blades have its own animation and go through hands when your character take combat stance without weapons.

Be careful and don't try to inject this blades to weak character, or he may not survive it ! ;)
How to get it:
You can make this claws in "Skyforge" in "Misc" topic if you have perk for smith "Daedric". 

Just unpack and activate.
 run Fores New Idles in Skyrim SE - FNIS SE for animations to work

Take off the claws, make a save, exit the game and delete mod files.

Requirements:    - none
Incompatibles:    - none
Issues:               - none

Permission from author of original mod.