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Patches for Vinis Legit Food and Rest to support official and unofficial content add-ons, including Hearthfire, Dragonborn, and Beyond Skyrim.

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This page is for hosting my patches for the excellent old mod Vinis Legit Food and Rest to keep it up to date for various content add-ons, such as the official DLCs and Beyond Skyrim.

For those unfamiliar with Vini's Legit Food and Rest, I highly recommend giving it a try along with my other mod, Smart HUD for Vinis Legit Food and Rest. It overhauls the food and rest system to be very intuitive and immersive while being as unintrusive as possible.



Converting the original mod
Conversion may not be strictly necessary, but it is recommended to do it as a precaution just in case the old form version causes unforeseen issues.

  1. Download Vinis Legit Food and Rest and install it with the standard timescale 20 option.
  2. Remove vinis_food_and_rest.esp.
  3. Open your load order in Wrye Bash, right-click vinis_food_and_rest.esm, and "Copy to Esp".
  4. Open Creation Kit, load the esp you just made, and resave it.
  5. Open SSEEdit, open vinis_food_and_rest.esp, navigate to File Header, edit Record Flags, and tick ESM.
  6. Rename vinis_food_and_rest.esp to vinis_food_and_rest.esm.
  7. (Optional) Load and resave the Loot and Vendor plugins in the Creation Kit.