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This mod provides you an Forsworn Briarheart Follower for SkyrimSE

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This Mod was converted from "Tailog - a Forsworn Briarheart Follower" from Oldrim.

You always wanted a Forsworn Briarheart as a friendly follower?
Now you can!

Tailog is a Forsworn Briarheart which follows you, if you want to.
When you dismiss Tailog, he will stay where you've left him.
Unless you give him a home (Mod: "My Home is your Home" - see FAQs).

Q: There is no "follow me" option available (is this still an issue in Skyrim SE?)
A: Try this: Save the game and load that savefile again.

Q: Where is Tailog?
A: Karthspire

Q: Will there be a female Forsworn Briarheart?
A: Probably Not, there is only a male skin.

Q: Will Tailog die if you pitpocket his Briarheart?
A: Tailog has no Briarheart in his inventory

Q: Is it compatible with other mods?
A: It should be, it's just a new created NPC (unique!)