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MyEvergreenHometown Modified By Black714

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Legacy 1.95 Version With Several Fix, Improvement and Balance. Have Some Benefit than 2.20 Version. See Description Below.

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This is Legacy Mods Made by "MyEvergreenHometown" and Modified to Support Skyrim SE

Even-though the original moder already Release 2.20 Version but it have something i don't like. 
  • NPC Leveling System with Player make Player Useless to Improve His/Her Level. 
  • Enemy will Also Stronger with player. Faster Than Player itself.
  • Too many Magic/Damage Resistant in Enemy. Specially with Higher Level Enemy.

I Decided to improved his old 1.95 version, because it's still have some advantage than 2.20 version. 
If someone want to Fight Stronger Enemy than Vanilla Version, 1.95 Still Fair, Unique and Balance. 2.20 is Harder.

The Different Than Old/Original Version is:
  • Not all Enemy will Leveling With Player. Most Enemy Will Leveling With Player in 2.20 Version. 
  • Support Unofficial Skyrim SE Patch.
  • Holy and Shadow Damage Re-balance (Enchants with more Cost).
  • Dragon now have a Double Health to balance with other enemy.
  • Dragon Breath now made a Wall of Flame and Ice.
  • Add some Ability to Boss Type/ Named Enemy (Not All Boss Enemy in 1.95 LE Version)
  • Replace Telvani to Priest Robe in NPC (Boss Type), so it can Looting Now.
  • All Dragon Priest now have Special Ability, Now Balance With Other Dragon Priest. (Not All Dragon Priest Enchanted in Old Version).
  • All Drauger Warlock now have drooped items. (Gold And Jewelry).
  • All Guard and Civil War NPC is Leveling with Player. Start at Level 25-150. (but No Skill Added, only Harder to Kill). :)
  • And Much More... (Forget....).

I Already Test And Maintained This MyEvergreenHometown Mods. Even Though Sometimes I use Skyrim LE Version.
Please Tell Me If I Still Missing Something. :)