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Freedom to customize the duration & strength of potions, poisons, food, and ingredients any way you like them, through a convenient MCM menu.

You can also change the price & weight of items, stackability of effects, and other unique settings.
Converted to SSE!

Permissions and credits

Conversion for SSE by SilverKnight
(re)Posted with permission

DO NOT ENDORSE THIS MOD - go Endorse the original - this is a conversion with slight changes made to formulas - all credit goes to egocarib
3.30 added ability to modify Crafted potions.
3.31 changes this behavior to be optional via MCM - since modifying crafted potions means they do not stack in inventory.
3.40 Attempt to make version independent via Address Library (linked above)
3.41 Reverted use of Address Library - broke stacking settings due to use of array packing from SKSE
3.42 Update for SKSE/AE 1.6.629
3.43 Update for SKSE/AE 1.6.640
3.44 Update for SKSE/AE 1.6.1130

Some things you can do with this mod:

                     * Make smithing, enchanting, waterbreathing, & invisibility potions last up to 30x longer.

                     * Adjust prices of potions, poisons, ingredients & food up or down using a highly customizable formula.

                     * Transform one-use potions into long-term utility potions. Make Fortify Lockpicking or Fortify Carry Weight last
                        all day instead of only for a few moments, and lower the strength of their effects to balance this change.

                     * Trade in your collection of feeble Frostbite Venoms for something that actually does some damage.

                     * Finally put those Fear & Frenzy poisons to use, by making them affect a more reasonable level of enemies.

                     * Lower the strength of any type of ingredients that you think are too overpowered in the game.

                     * Scale the weight of ingredients or crafted potions & poisons to be dependent on your Alchemy level -
                        reaching lower weights as your skill improves, and using a custom range of values you can set yourself.

                     * Turn instant healing potions or instant damage poisons into restore/damage-over-time effects instead.

How To Enable Custom Presets

The mod now supports custom re-loadable presets! You can save every detail of your entire MCM setup,
and then load your presets for different characters or even when you start a completely new game.

~ Instructions ~
   *Download the FISS Plugin for SKSE64
   *Enable FISS.esp in your mod load order.
   *Dynamic Potions will automatically recognize FISS, and a new "Presets" page will appear in the MCM
   *You can now save, load, and rename your custom presets!

Installation & Compatibility

     * Use any mod manager or place files in your Data directory. The mod takes 2-3 minutes to install in game,
        A message will appear in the upper left corner of your screen when the mod has finished installing.

     * Easy Uninstallation through the MCM menu.

     * For the best experience, install Dynamic Potions at the same time or later than all other mods that
        change potion/food/ingredient effects. DP will base many future decisions on the effects as they
        exist when it is first installed. (You can always reinstall it to force the re-evaluation of effects)

     * This mod should be compatible with anything, even other potion/alchemy mods. (However, DP will not
        change RnD food effects, since they are customized. You can probably trick DP into altering them
        though, by installing Dynamic Potions first on a save that hasn't seen RnD, and then installing RnD after.)

     * There is an Item Tracking option in the mod's MCM menu, which I recommend enabling if you are using
        any mods that add new items to the game. It will enable a very lightweight script that recognizes any
        new items you pick up. This will not have any noticeable impact on your gameplay. If you leave this
        option turned off, the mod will not be running any scripts at all during normal gameplay.

     * If you are playing with other mods that alter durations or other attributes of particular items, and 
        would like to keep those settings, just disable those particular sliders in the Dynamic Potions
        menu. Dynamic potions will not make any changes to items whose sliders are disabled in the MCM.