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Drachenzahn (Wyrmstooth) EV 2.2 is a translation to English of the bugfixed Drachenzahn DV 2.2 what is a complete and revised German version of the.esm with additional content and textures. The two .bsa and the video are required from the original source of Jonx0r at

Permissions and credits

Drachenzahn (Wyrmstooth) EV  2.2

by Dreifels

The English version no longer is supported. English user may download the last English  Original Wyrmstooth 1.18 SSE

EV 2.2 is the translation to English of the bugfixed German version DV 2.2, which is a complete and completely new German version of the.esm, together with addditions, based on the original Wyrmstooth version SSE 1.17b, Uploaded by Jonx0r on May 26, 2018 at 

    you need both .bsa and the video of the original Wyrmstooth1.17B SSE

The German version is here not listed as "Translation", because that is the master.

How to install:
1) dowload the basic package zip HERE, expand it, correct it's path system.
2) download the EV 2.2 from here, expand it, overwrite the basic package

Do not mix up the versions!

Addendum 15.10.2018:
Users pointed out to me that the original is wrongly packed at Pastebin and would probably have some problems with the repacking. On the mirror you can download it correctly.

comments pls HERE only.

Recommendet: Better Wyrmstooth Map With Roads - you can use it in SSE as it is
Do NOT use any patch of the old Wyrmstooth! (compatibility issues)
There is no need for any patch.