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This mod does not count to your plugin limit and removes map markers from the compass for immersion reasons, but keeps them on the map. Compatible with all compass and UI mods.

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A simple tweak to game settings that removes map markers from the compass so the compass does only what a compass is supposed to do. Since it doesn't edit HUD elements, it is compatible with all UI and compass customizers (I use Customizable UI Replacer myself). It is also an ESP-FE file, meaning it doesn't take up space on your plugin limit. Maybe some day, I'll make it configurable so you can adjust the distance at which map markers appear on your map, but this was just a quick mod I made for myself and decided to upload.


  • Augh for the name.
  • My arms for always being by my side.
  • My legs for always supporting me.
  • My fingers because I could always count on them.