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This mod adds an inn to the main street outside of Whiterun, a stone's throw away from Whiteun Stables.

Permissions and credits

I was inspired to create this inn by two other mods, Immersive City Gates and Not So Fast - Main Quest. With the first, it is expensive for non-Thanes to enter Whiterun (especially if you're also using an economy or scarcity mod) and impossible at night thanks to the drawbridge. With the second mod it takes much longer to become Thane of Whiterun. For players who never fast travel, and are using a mod which requires that you sleep (or even sleep to gain xp), an inn nearby was in order. I decided it was time to learn how to make one.

This mod adds an inn to the main street outside of Whiterun, a stone's throw away from Whiteun Stables. It is my first mod, so I kept it simple as I learned how to use the creation kit. The Inn is based on the Drunken Huntsman layout, which carries the benefit of a public cooking pot (also critical for survival mod users!) with an expanded back end. Outside, I created four new farmhands who work the fields around Whiterun, as well as a new dwelling for them behind the inn so they have a place to sleep at night.

I also did some navmesh cleanup to the main east-west street south of Whiterun, so all characters should be able to path through it with fewer chances to get stuck.

New in version 1.2:
  • I revised and rebuilt all of the NPC faces using my experience from working on Obscure's College of Winterhold, as well as high quality resources, listed below.
  • A single download is now offered with an FOMOD installer allowing you to tailor fit your add-ons and patches. 
  • ESP-FE versions of all plugins (save the core mod) are now offered. 
  • Be advised that if you are already using the ESP version of these plugins in your save, the ESP-FE version will not work correctly.
  • Version 1.2.1 Hotfix: Re-cleaned navmesh records using SSEEdit 3.2.84.

A patch is provided in the installation package if you use:
  • Blowing in the Wind - Run of the Mill Inn uses a custom sign, so I needed to add some data to make it work with BitW's custom meshes.  Otherwise, you'll see the sign for the Drunken Huntsmen.  As a bonus, the exterior lanterns will also blow in the wind.  (Make sure you're using Blowing in the Wind SSE.esp)
  • Provincial Courier Service with Cutting Room Floor.  My farmers cross over a boundary between these two mods as they walk to the Inn, so I created a patch that fixes a small glitch where they meet up.  This patch doesn't require Run of the Mill Inn.
An external patch is required if you use: Optional add-ons are provided if you use:
  • Enhanced Lights and FX - An optional VFX layer for the Inn's interior based on ELFX's stunning work.  (Featured in screenshots.)
  • Sounds of Skyrim - An optional SFX layer for the Inn's interior using the new sound effects added by SoS.
  • Immersive Laundry - I love this mod, so I wanted to include some clothes lines in mine. (Featured in screenshots.)
This mod will work with:
  • Skyrim Better Roads - The fence of the inn links directly to a new fence placed by this mod.
  • Inn Room Costs - See that mod's page for details.
  • Elysium Estate - I only briefly tested this.  We're next door neighbors!  Please load Run of the Mill after Elysium, otherwise it will overwrite my landscape and my paths will be missing.

Run of the Mill Inn should be placed after Verdant Grass & Landscape Fixes.  Use LOOT to ensure each of the inn's patches or add-ons are placed below their master files.  However, you must manually place my Sounds of Skyrim add-on below all of the other patches.  The navmesh patch for Provincial Courier Service and Cutting Room Floor should be placed after them both, as well as Immersive Citizens if you're using it.

This mod extensively edits the zone south-west of the Whiterun Stables (whiterunexterior15) so any mod that edits that cell will naturally be incompatible.  Mods with navmesh edits to neighboring cells may cause conflicts.  This mod includes navmesh improvements provided by the USSEP for that cell.

This mod is not compatible with:

Issues you may notice (please contact me if you know how to fix these!):
  • For realism's sake, two of the Inn's staff will rent a room to you.  However, they won't know the other has done it, so if you talk with both in the same night, they'll both take your money.
  • People helping themselves to some mead will do so with an invisible tankard, and once they begin, they're stuck doing it for a while.
  • Inn staff won't close and lock their own bedroom door when they go to bed. 
  • The Inn's server will wait on empty tables.

 ▪ JPSteel2 for advice and creating Immersive City Gates 
 ▪ Darkfox127 Tutorials 
 ▪ arthmoor for navmesh advice and improvements to Chillfurrow Farm in Cutting Room Floor 
 ▪ code1k for advice on landscape and grass tools 
 ▪ anamorfus for Enhanced Lights and FX
 ▪ sialivi for Blowing in the Wind 
 ▪ Cliffworms, SirJesto, SOT Team, and tonycubed2 for Sounds of Skyrim 
 ▪ InsanitySorrow & Nerd of Prey for Immersive Laundry
 ▪ Bethesda Game Studios, Softworks, & Zenimax Media and whoever designed the creation kit's navmesh authoring tools
 ▪ Assets used to create my custom inn sign: wood grain photo by Judah Creative, windmill engraving by George Mackley 
 ▪ FOMOD installer created with the help of the FOMOD Creation Tool and Shiva182.
 ▪ Character Facegeoms and Tintmasks built with the following resources: Ultimate Eye Meshes RuhmasteredBetter Makeup for SKSEENB Brow Fix, and Seamless Males

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