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A simple replacer I made for the drips in the Wet and Cold mod, so they're not so large; which depending on your ENB, may or may not be really out of place, this fixes that by making each drip much smaller.

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Prepare yourself for the simplest & most insignificant mod ever released for Skyrim!

There may be a better graphic that could be used eventually, but my first attempt worked so well I left it, and figured others may like it too since ive seen it mentioned elsewhere several times, so im uploading it.

It is rather hard to see the drips in pictures, and that really was the whole point of this, sometimes the DOF effect would turn the drips into huge orbs and mess up screenshots, now they're there, but barely, and the DOF hardly expands them as much.

*ALL credit goes to original Wet and Cold mod , all I did was create a simple single graphic to replace one from that mod.

Load Underneath Wet and Cold mod to override the single graphic.