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This mod ties the opening scene for Project AHO to a vanilla quest that you can choose when to complete in addition to the regular level 15 requirement. So far I have 5 quests to choose from, you only need 1 of them.

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One of the things I love about nonlinear RPGs like Skyrim is that I can choose what I want to do, and when.  I'm not forced to follow a path that's pre-ordained by the devs.  Project AHO is a fantastic mod, but I felt the mod pushes too hard to get you to start right away.  Once you hit level 15 you are presented with a popup window asking whether you're ready to start the mod or whether you want to wait.  If you say you're ready then the opening scene will happen soon.  If you choose to wait, you'll be presented with that same popup window every 12 hours forever (until you give in and start the mod).  In a game where I don't feel like starting the mod right away, I find that annoying.

This mod just adds an extra condition to that startup quest.  Just to be clear, this mod does not stop that initial popup message.  In fact when you get that message you actually want to just go ahead and tell it you're ready to start.  What this mod does is delays the next stage of the startup scene where you get captured.  This mod inserts an additional condition as a trigger for that scene which matches up to one of the 4 different Daedric quests I mention below (or the new one I just added for The Horn of Jurgen Windcaller).

I wanted a condition that was easy to complete when you wanted but that was also not of major importance in most people's game so they could put it off however long they wanted.  I have 5 options so far.  The Mind of Madness option will trigger the quest once you complete the quest to obtain the Wabbajack.  The Whispering Door option will trigger the quest when you complete the quest to obtain The Ebony Blade.  The Black Star will trigger when you obtain either Azura's Star or The Black Star.  Boethia's Calling will trigger when you complete that quest for the Ebony Mail. 

Someone commented that they do make references to your being the Dragonborn in the mod so I made an additional option to trigger when you complete The Horn of Jurgen Windcaller (I picked that one because a lot of people probably do the first 2 parts of that questline pretty early so I felt the horn would match up better with the level range you might want to start Project AHO).  Yes, those are arbitrary choices that have nothing to do with Project AHO, but now you will only ever see that popup window once.  In all 5 cases you must also be at least level 15.

In case you haven't done any of the above quests before, The Whispering Door is by far the easiest one so if you just want something that's easy to trigger I recommend that one (although it also has a nice reward that is pretty useful in the early to mid game).  The Mind of Madness is fairly easy as well although it can be confusing without following a walkthrough.  Azura's Star and Boethia's Calling can both be difficult depending on what mods you're using (and Boethia's Calling doesn't trigger til you're level 30).  The Greybeards will give you the quest to find the Horn of Jurgen Windcaller as part of the Dragonborn questline so if you use that version of the patch, Project AHO will trigger when you complete that.

If you've already started getting that popup window this should still delay your start.  I just tested it in a game where I had already agreed to start Project AHO but the opening scene had not happened yet (only the popup window).  The scene did not happen until I completed the quest and I did not receive any further popups.

This mod requires Project AHO and all credit goes to the Haemproject's team for creating such an amazing mod. 


Decide which version you want and install it with your mod manager of choice.  It is mergeable if you wish so it will not take an ESP slot.