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Put junk in, get gold out.

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Serial kleptomaniac's rejoice!

Mod adds a Bag of Trash to your inventory that you can open & toss unwanted junk away in. You can also adjust the bag's settings to pay you a % of the junk value. Items get removed cleanly from the game world (and your save file), and you make some coin on the side.



1) When you first use the mod, your Bag of Trash will be immediately added to your armor inventory with a quest-like fanfare

2) Drop the bag from your inventory

3) Activate the bag to change payout settings (ie: % of item values you want to get paid when trashing them in Bag of Trash)

4) Pick up bag again

5) Equip it in your armor inventory, then close your inventory; the Bag's inventory will open up for you to toss items into it

6) Once done tossing items into it, close the Bag's inventory; it'll scrap everything and pay you the % gold based on your settings

You can toss the bag into a storage container or drop it on the ground and move it around as you see fit. You only get one bag, though, so if you put it in a container that resets or you lose it, simply uninstall the mod then reactivate it to have a new one added.


TundroWalker - script source
zBobg - original mod