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SE port of the merged version of Hroldan Nightgate and Sawmill Villages.

Permissions and credits
This is a port of the merged version of Hroldan Nightgate and Sawmill Villages to Skyrim SE.  All credit for the original mod goes to daltoneb for the excellent work to modify these locations.  Additional credit goes to SirJesto for an updated and merged version and MissJennaBee for further updates.  I will gladly turn this mod over to daltoneb should the request be made.

The mod creates villages around the following locations:
Anga's Mill
Half-Moon Mill
Heartwood Mill
Old Hroldan
Mixwater Mill
Nightgate Inn
Pinemoon Village, near Volskygge
Ravenscar Village, near Ravenscar Hollow
Robber's Gorge, changed to a village

The main file includes the edits done by MissJennaBee and edits and merge by SirJesto.  The esp has been resaved in the Creation Kit, the FaceGen redone in the Creation Kit, and carries the water record changes from the updated SE files.  It has additionally been error checked and cleaned for ITM records in SSEEdit.

This port is currently considered in beta status and needs further testing for bugs and incompatibilities.  The posts of those that self ported the original mod to SE indicate that the mod worked without issues in the main game.

If you find issues with other mods please include the following information to assist in patch research

Planned To Do List:
Port and update the single city files
Research compatibility issues for patching or advice

Compatibility Issues Reported:
Cutting Room Floor - Currently researching resolution
Legendary Cities TES Arena - Currently researching resolution
Apachii Divine Elegance Store - Currently researching resolution

All reports of compatibility issues are appreciated and the list will be updated accordingly.  If you report an incompatibility please include information regarding the mod(s) and location(s) involved.  Any specific information would also be appreciated.   

Permission was given on the original mod comment thread 17 April 2016 "for anyone to take my mod, modify as they see fit and post as their own."  Additional permission was given comment 18 February 2018 to "port these files to special edition."  Pictures of these permissions are located in images section.  The image files have been reused from the original page.

The following is the original LE mod description:

Creates village around Old Hroldan, Half Moon Mill, Angas Mill, Heartwood Mill, Mixwater Mill and Nightgate Inn including blacksmith, general goods, alchemist and a mine with a farm for Hroldan, Half-Moon and Heartwood. Also a barracks for town guards and miners and a cabin for a couple of local hunters. A number of the townsfolk spend their evenings at the inn/tavern.

Additional villages by Ravenscar and Volskygge

No DLC required

Extra meshes from Jokerines Misc Resources (
Lanterns of Skyrim by mannygt ( 
Legendary Cities-TES Arena-Skyrim Frontier Fortress by Jabr (
All main files have meshes and textures to fix grey face bugs. Main files have been cleaned with TES5edit.

Of Note:
-The mine for Angas Mill is a mine for soul gems-this is to answer to myself the question of "If Blackreach is inaccessible, where are the soul gems in Skyrim coming from?". The tavern owner is a light armor master trainer.
-The alchemist in Heartwood village is a master alchemy trainer.
-The "old soldier" at Nightgate Village is a two-handed master trainer.

Load "Skyrim Bridges" after mine to avoid clipping at Angas Mill
If you find other bugs or problems, please let me know.

Credit to Bethesda for making Skyrim and all those who made youtube videos from which I learned how to make a mod.

Hat tip to Ablaze666 and skulkinginskyrim from whose forum comments clued me into that I needed to do a proper TES5Edit clean and include meshes and textures for grey face bug fixes with my uploads.

Version 1.1
     Added signs for inns 
     Replaced Half Moon fishery with piers
     Built up the Half Moon farm
     Changed names of houses to reflect the owners names

Version 1
     Initial release, all villages in individual ESPs and a combined ESP version