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Spells cast through Ocato's Recital get automatically dispelled at the end of the fight.

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This mod modifies Ocato's Recital from EnaiSiaion's Apocalypse so that every spell automatically cast at the beginning of the fight will be dispelled when combat ends. Other spells manually cast during the fight are not affected.

Apocalypse is one of my favourite mods, and I particularly love Ocato's Recital. I never think to cast Ironflesh or Flame Cloak when combat starts, and thanks to Ocato's Recital I don't have to. But when the fighting stops I don't want to walk around looking like (or through) a flaming tornado. This is a modification (but not a replacement) of EnaiSiaion's original spell to add the automatic end-of-fight dispel.


Apocalypse - Magic of Skyrim by EnaiSiaion

Nothing special:
  • Extract the .esp and .bsa in your Data folder, or let your mod manager do the work.
  • You do need to wait one hour in game for the change to take effect.


At your own risk. But deleting the files seems to work fine though.

This is my first mod, I have no idea what I'm doing.