Skyrim Special Edition
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- Two Redguard Alik'r Warrior followers.
- An Alik'r Camp (located west of the Guardian Stones, on the north bank of the river)
- Alik'r weapons and clothing (inside a sack in the tent)

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This is my first mod! I made it with PS4 in mind, so there aren't any new files.
This mod doesn't do much, and I don't have much modding experience yet, but I think you'll like the attention to detail I've added.
I used to enjoy playing as an Alik'r Warrior on vanilla Skyrim, but I had to travel far and wide to find the scimitar and correct clothing. This mod allows you to find those items fairly near the starting location, along with two Alik'r Warriors- Amir and Naseem. Amir uses a shield and scimitar, and Naseem uses two scimitars, although it seems they both use a bow and arrow sometimes too.

At the camp, you'll find potions and alchemical ingredients, among other things.

I've done my best to make sure this mod fits in with the lore of Skyrim- the Alik'r Warriors are part of the larger group looking for the fugitive.

I'm releasing it for now, but there are still some things I'd like to change in the future:

- Making Amir and Naseem leveled followers.
- Making the scimitar a leveled weapon.
- Giving more items to Amir and Naseem, for more individuality.
- Perhaps making Amir and Naseem become enemies depending on your decisions in the questline.

Please email with any bug reports, comments or suggestions to [email protected]

Thank you, and I hope you like this mod.
I have a more ambitious project in mind and this mod might become a part of that.