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UUNP conversion of SyndeyB's beautiful mod Ashara Elven Knight.

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Hello everyone! This is a long awaited UUNP conversion of SydneyB's Ashara SSE Elven Knight. With her blessing, she has allowed me to publish my conversions to the Nexus community. 

Ashara SSE Elven Knight
XPMSE (Only for HDT)

For this conversion I added an optional alternative skirt. I original made this for myself to work with some mash-ups, but decided to share it instead. It maybe a bit too skimpy for some because it's lower on the waist line. Take a look at the pictures if it is something that you would like to use. If not, there is always the original skirt.

Food for thought:
I hate jiggle metal! It's so unimmersive >:( !
No worries! My conversion has a Non HDT version. Select which flavor you want through BodySlides Group Filter.n Look for "Ashara Elven Knight HDT" and "Ashara Elven Knight Non HDT". Click, build, and enjoy.

I know Elven Knight has a ton of optional clothing. Can I wear them over the chain mail body suits? Or am I going to see clipping?
I anticipated that the conversion would be worn over the body suits and other accessorize that are part of the armor options. I accommodated as best to my ability such as letting out certain things, deleting body references, and deleting parts of the body to eliminate as much clipping as I could. There maybe some clipping if your body preset is on the extreme side, and in certain poses. 

Thank you everyone for downloading my conversion!
Best wishes, Neko

Huge thank you goes out to SyndeyB for allowing to publish my conversions and for creating amazing armor mods.
Ousnius and Caliente for making BodySlide 

Mods used in screen shots:
Ophelia Accessories by Krater
CN Accessories by Auburnsred
Skyrim Necrosarium Set by Shocky (Google it.)